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Get PowerTwist: The All-in-One Twist Pick and Scalp Massager

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Looking for a new tool to keep your twists tight and your scalp soothed? Look no further than PowerTwist, an advanced twist pick designed by Black business owners who believe Black beauty is a powerful statement. 

The PowerTwist is a more effective, hygienic, and ergonomic hair twisting solution for everyday use; it rinses clean after each use, fits easily in your pocket, and lasts for years. And the symbolic power fist embedded within the product design represents the commitment to empowering black people, Black communities, and Black beauty worldwide. 

The PowerTwist is the best twist tool for those who wear their natural hair in a short twisted or textured afro style. The brand is 100% Black-owned and engineered. It launched a year ago to create an effective tool that carries the message of Black power and Black empowerment.

In a world where simply wearing one’s natural hair to work can be controversial, the PowerTwist team thinks there’s an opportunity to celebrate Blackness every day and not just in February.

The brand believes Black pride makes Black power possible, and that although times have changed, the struggle to uphold Black beauty standards remains.

“We believe Black Power equals Black pride and Black beauty,” said the PowerTwist team.

Old and new representations of Black power are taking the forefront, and the brand expects to see more of this modern Black power during this Black History Month. The original Black Power movement of the 1970s didn’t last as long as it should, and when it waned, the challenges to elevate Black pride, beauty, and power persisted.

“PowerTwist stands for empowering blackness every day. This aligns with our product because PowerTwist is designed to be used daily as part of your ‘get ready’ routine.”.

The PowerTwist is only $19.99 and comes with a carrying case.

The PowerTwist is designed for daily pride, so this Black History Month shop PowerTwist and carry your pride with you.

Save 15% off the PowerTwist using code BLACKPOWER.

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