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Good Hair Cards Showcases the Beauty of Black Hair

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The world is finally catching up to what we’ve known for centuries: Black hairstyles are works of fine art. One sister’s company, Good Hair Cards, is elevating the artistic value of Black hair by selling beautiful tote bags featuring colorful illustrations of Black hairstyles. 

Although the company started a year ago, Good Hair Cards has been a long-time “side hustle” for owner Jeannette Smith. The idea for the business started after one of Smith’s friends asked her to redesign her business card.

“She was a hairstylist, and she had this white clipart on her card, and I didn’t like it, so I redrew it with some Black hairstyles. After that, other hairstylists started asking me to design their cards as well.” Smith added. 

Although Good Hair Cards started with greeting and business cards, Smith and the brand are currently focused on the Girlfriend Shopper Bags. These bags come in two different styles, the Three Queens on 5th Ave and the Four Queens in Paris. Both bags feature illustrations of Black Women rocking different hairstyles. The bags are only $10 each and are great gifts for the Black women in your life. 

The idea for the shopper bags came while Smith was selling her art at a kiosk and noticed that all the bags women were carrying around only had white art on them, no Black people. 

“So, I’m looking at these Black women as they walk by with their bags, and I thought, Black art on these bags would be nice, I mean Black hairstyles aren’t boring,” Smith said. 

Also, with the rise of environmental awareness, Smith saw the need for reusable bags, especially ones with Black art. Smith and Good Hair Cards want their customers to know that while the Girlfriend Shopper Bags and other products are for everyone, there is an emphasis on Black women and their hair. 

“All sorts of women buy the bags, Black women, different women of color and even white women. However, when it comes to the illustrations, most women notice the hairstyles or the shoes but white women only ever focus on the fact that there are no white women in the illustrations. I just think that is funny because the purpose is to highlight Black hair.” Smith laughed. 

The brand may be focused on the shopper bags right now, but the greeting cards will return in time for Christmas and the holiday season. Due to the pandemic, the company took a break on the cards but plans on completely relaunching in March of 2022. 

Check out Good Hair Cards and get your shopper bag today!

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