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He Opened A Grocery In A Food Desert, He’ll School Us At The We Buy Black Convention

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We told you that Brandon Cosby lives in the impossible. He raised over $1 million to open a grocery store, in the middle of a food desert in Indianapolis. Cleo’s Bodega Grocery and Cafe stands as a testament to what we can do in our communities — with our own strength. Brandon Cosby will be at the We Buy Black Convention, teaching us all how we can do the same and create models of economic growth in our own communities.

In addition to Brandon Cosby, Boyce Watkins and G. Garvin will be featured at our business workshops. Below is an updated schedule of all workshops. You do not want to miss the Convention! If you’ve not secure tickets already, please click here now to do so.

Small Business Saturday 

Money | Management | Marketing

From finding the right startup funding to understanding the importance of growth vs. scale for your business, all the expertise, and coaching you will need to take your business to the next level will be available at the We Buy Black Business Workshops on Saturday, August 24, 2019, from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. 

Saturday workshops will focus on Money, Management, and Marketing. Session topics include The Seller’s Mindset, 5 Steps to a Successful Start-up, and Identifying multiple revenue streams in the areas of Real Estate, Entertainment, and Franchising.

Saturday, August 24, 2019 Schedule

10:00 AM     5 Steps to a Successful Start-up

Area: Entrepreneurship – Management & Funding 

Speaker: Marc Parham, Director of Entrepreneurship, Urban League of Atlanta

Room: German

10:30 AM     How to Manage Teams and Lead with Executive Presence

Area: Leadership

Speaker: Yvette Gavin, Chief Training Officer, Yvette Gavin Consulting

Room: German

11:00 AM    A Seller’s Mindset: The Ultimate Sales Toolkit 

Area: Sales & Marketing 

Speaker: DeShawn Bullard, President & CEO, NouriTress Hair Products

Room: German 

11:30 AM    Financial Juneteenth: An Introduction to the Stock Market 

Area: Wealth Building 

Speaker: Boyce Watkins, Leading Financial Scholar, Author, and Social Commentator

Room: German 


12:00 PM     Real Estate Investing : How to Use 100% Financing for Multifamily Properties 

Area: Real Estate 

Speaker: Juan Pablo, CEO, 100 Percent Financed

Room: Amsterdam 

12:00 PM     Franchising 101: How to Start or Purchase a Franchise  

Area: Franchising 

Speaker: Waleed Shamsid-Deen, Owner, Supreme Burger

Room: German 

1:00 PM       The Collective Impact: Building Black Wealth in our Communitie

Area: Community Development 

Speaker: Brandon Cosby, Executive Director, Flanner House of Indianapolis 

Room: German 

1:00 PM       Youth Entrepreneurship Master Class Ages 6-17

Area: Youth Entrepreneurship  

Facilitator: Queen Taese, Founder & CEO of the Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Institute

Presenter: Gabby Goodwin, GaBBY Bows

Room: Amsterdam 

2:00 PM       Behind the Screen: Business Opportunities in Film & TV

Area: Entrepreneurship (Entertainment Industry)

Moderator: Rahman Khan, Strategic Community Investment Leader

Panelists: Toya Madyun, Director & Producer

G. Garvin, Chef & Author, CEO, One Bite Productions & Garvin Food Group

Tirrell Whitley, CEO & Founder Liquid Soul

Rob Hardy, Producer/Director/Screenwriter

Room: German

4:00 PM The Workin & Winnin: Kickback & Listening Party

United We Band – Headliner Yusha Assad will be playing inserts from his recently released album, Workin & Winnin, and discussing how he’s strategically using Hip Hop to inspire hope and greatness for the next 400 years. 

Room: German

Manufacturers Sunday

Product Development | Intellectual Property Protection | Sales & Marketing 

Turn your passion into a product and your ideas into a full-blown business. Join us Sunday, August 25, 2019, from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM as we will dedicate all Business Workshops to the subject of Manufacturing Products. Learn how to outsource products, partner with large vendors, protect your ideas, market and sell your products and most importantly fund your future and create Black Generational Wealth.

How do you find the right manufacturer for your product? How to develop a prototype? When to hire a lawyer? How to find and talk to a chemist for your beauty product? To help answer these questions, we have assembled an elite group of business experts who have generated millions of dollars in manufacturing products. Come and hear their expert advice.

Sunday, August 25, 2019 Schedule

10:00 AM     Building Black Ownership Master Class

Speaker: Thomas “TJ” Loftin, LOF10 Productions

Room: German

11:00 AM     Meet the Sharks: How to Protect & Fund Your Future

Speaker: Tyshawn Bryant, Founder, Green Regimen

Room: German

12:00 PM    Do it Yourself: Product Development 101

Speaker: Pamela J. Booker, Founder & CEO, Kolis by Nature

Room: German

1:00 PM       The Pipeline: How to Market & Sell your Product

Speaker: Christen Elisabeth, Founder, Products By Lizzie

Room: German

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D'Juan Hopewell
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