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Heal Dry, Itchy Skin With This Premium Body Butter, Blended by Nurses

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Some entrepreneur couples unite over a shared passion. For husband and wife team Justin and Olivia Long, their first business together was born out of a shared irritation — the dry, itchy skin that comes along with eczema and psoriasis. Now, their business, Nu U Skin Solutions, is helping other people soothe their irritated skin.

“I’ve had eczema for years, my wife has psoriasis,” Justin Long told We Buy Black. “We tried everything … from steroids to high and low end products. The products were either too greasy, filled with chemicals, or didn’t work. So, we started making our own products a few years ago and our skin cleared up.”

Nu U Skin Solutions is a natural skincare company that makes luxurious body butters, scrubs, and face wash derived from organic ingredients. Their signature product is a premium whipped body butter that customers say is silky and moisturizing without the greasy texture that most shea butter products have. 

What’s the difference? The Longs, who are both nurses, formulated their body butter with healing in mind. They spent a considerable amount of time researching the properties of each oil in their blend, considering factors like melting point temperature and fatty acid content. In the end, they settled on a mix of 5 organic body butters, each from far flung regions like South East Asia and West Africa.

“We focus on nutrient density. Some people use shea and maybe mango butter. We use shea, mango, illipe, jojoba, kokum, and essential oils. It took at least 6 months to perfect our formula,” Long said. 

Once they nailed down a formula, and healed their own skin conditions, the Longs began asking coworkers to try their body butter. The response was overwhelming, and before long, the Longs were in business. They have become a cult favorite, selling out at local events and trade shows — even being invited to supply products at an Oscars gifting suite in 2019.

In addition to their signature body butter, Nu U Skin Solutions also sells scrubs that accompany the butters. Long says people tend to forget the importance of exfoliation when it comes to healing the skin. He says their scrubs are also highly moisturizing, so although the scrub is sloughing off skin, it’s also simultaneously soothing the skin. 

While Nu U Skin Solutions is consistently getting rave reviews, Long’s most convincing testimonials come from himself and his wife. When asked how long customers should expect relief from their dry skin symptoms, speaking for himself, Long said:

“Within the first couple days I noticed a dramatic improvement. My eczema went into remission in two weeks.”

Nu U Skin Solutions has a 100 percent money back guarantee and Long says they “haven’t had any returns or cancellations yet.”

Nu U Skin Solutions Company Website: https://nuuskinsolutions.com/

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