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Heal Your Body and Boost Your Immune System With Herbal Blessings

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In today’s world, companies selling products that promise relief and protection from COVID-19 pop up as often as new variants. However, Black-owned Herbal Blessings has powerful, gimmick-free, herb-based remedies that actually work to strengthen the immune system and heal your entire body — making your body strong and resistant to illness of any kind.

Herbal Blessings is a Black-owned, family-run herbal shop based in Jackson, MS. The company is rooted in community and committed to changing health outcomes for Black people in their local community and across the country.

Their Anti-Viral Pack is filled with vitamins and herbs that will help boost your immune system and protect against viruses. The pack was designed with families in mind and for daily use during times like these, when viruses like COVID-19 are spreading fast. 

While the pack’s purpose is to protect you from things coming in from the outside, each item in the pack was chosen to promote health on the inside. This attention to the longevity and long-term health of the customer is what sets Herbal Blessings apart from its competitors. 

“Every day we get a customer calling us with a testimony saying they no longer take their medications,” herbalist and Herbal Blessings owner Eric Collins said.

Collins runs Herbal Blessings alongside his wife, Yasmin, from a building they purchased in Jackson’s historic Farish St. which was once teeming with Black-owned businesses. Since opening, the shop has become a hub for the local community as more and more people turn to natural remedies for their health issues. 

Eric and Yasmin Collins with their son E.J.

“In Mississippi, we ranked 50th in health when compared to all other US states,” Collins said. “From the moment we first opened, the community just gravitated toward us. Our community is tired of being sick, tired of taking medications, and tired of making the same old, bad food choices and decisions. I think people gravitated toward us because we really do care about people and their well-being.”

Collins’ health journey started in 2014 with a 21-day fast challenge, taking herbs and consuming only plant-based foods, with the goal of losing weight and reversing his pre-diabetes. After the fast ended, Collins tried to reward himself with his favorite junk foods and immediately felt ill.

“I was sick for three days. And so it dawned on me that during the cleanse, I had been giving my body what it needed and I had been clearing my body of toxins.”

After that experience, Collins never looked back. He lost 60 pounds, revered his conditions, and dedicated himself to helping others improve their health just as he had. 

Herbal Blessings offers its own version of a 21-day cleanse in its Total Body Reset, a 20-day course of herbs, paired with plant-based eating, aimed at clearing the body of toxins and restoring health. 

“The best thing to do before you really start a diet is to do a detox — and the Total Body Reset detoxes every organ in the body. Give me 20 days and let’s clean you out with these herbs and let’s put this sea moss in the body to help revitalize. It’s so exciting and it’s such a blessing to be in this space at this time and to assist people on their journey to better health.”

Shop Herbal Blessings today!

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