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H&K 215 Outfitters Is Here to Spread Love and Inspire

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After losing a loved one, some people honor the one they lost with a tattoo or maybe a piece of art. But when Philadelphia-native and educator Hakim Felt’s cousin passed away, he poured his grief into a business. 

H&K 215 Outfitters sells tees, tanks, hats, and more with positive, pro-Black statements printed on them. The business is Felt’s testament to the living memory of his cousin. He hopes that by selling clothes with messages of love and positivity, his cousin’s memory will live on. 

“My cousin Karrem passed away and we were really close. So the brand’s name (H&K) represents both of our names,” Felt said. “He just had a daughter before he passed away. Hopefully, if I’m successful I can help support his daughter.”

Although the brand is all about inspiration and empowerment, there’s nothing boring or usual about Felt’s designs. The messaging on his clothing has range. Some are funny and silly, and others are serious and more militant — but every piece bears a message behind what’s written. 

“I want to inspire our people. We get bombarded by so many negative images and white supremacy has had a negative impact on the way we think about ourselves. So, I wanted to make clothing to inspire and make people feel good about themselves.”

Felt’s favorite design from his collection is a shirt that says, “manifest greatness.” Felt feels like products like his create a two-way stream of inspiration — for the person wearing it and for whoever sees it. Felt believes that it can change someone’s day. 

What’s next for Felt and H&K 215 Outfitters?

Hoodie Season! Felt is currently working on creating his fall collection which he promises will have lots of cozy, cotton hoodies for when the weather starts to get cooler. 

Shop H&K 215 Outfitters today. 

Take 10 % off their Blessed women’s tee until the end of August. 

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