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H&M is cancelled! Buy Black Children Black Owned Clothes

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I’m a mother of four children, and H&M has been cancelled in my house. However, this last stunt completely takes the cake. In a recent advertisement of boys sweatshirts, there was a heavily melaninated prince wearing the words… “the coolest monkey in the zoo”. Given the history of White people using monkey, jiggabo, and likening the Black image to that of a monkey, the ad offended many African Americans. Now I’ve heard all counter arguments for why Black people shouldn’t be upset by the sweatshirt. Even a college friend of mine attempted to compare the shirt to a Jungle themed birthday party or baby shower. I dont have the time or energy to explain the difference between the themed party and a racist shirt. However, I will say to all Black mothers everywhere, if you’re offended, good! Be angry, be offended and do something about it! Buy Black! Black owned sweatshirts that affirm the humanity of African American Children are not hard to find. Especially if you’re looking. *side note the way the fashion industry works the mother of the boy in the H & M sweatshirt more than likely never saw the shirt her son wore for the campaign. Stop saying it’s her fault.  ]]>

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