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We Buy Black Holiday Guide: Our Favorite Black Gift Ideas

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We have put together a list of 4 gift ideas from Black owned companies. We Got You Covered!

Learn Black…

Black History Flash Cards

This 52-card series gives a strong foundation of the many untold stories and unknown figures that have shaped Black History. Enjoy learning about the revolutionary contributions of Blacks, become inspired, and take action to build your own greatness!


Drink Black…

Green Herbs and Juice Detox Teas

Green Herbs & Juice is an all natural herb and juice company that believes healing yourself physically and mentally begins from the inside out. They sell a number of natural herbal detox teas. All of their herbs are shipped directly from Jamaica.

 Smell Black…

Go Natural – All-Natural Deodorant

Made with a combination of probiotics, essential oils and Vitamin E so you’re able to pamper your skin without relying on harsh chemicals.

Dress Black…

Originalitees Product of Public Schools: Large Logo Tee

The “Product of Public Schools” Tee is 20% off through the holiday season.

Read Black…

WEALTH – Book by Rafa Wright

“Financial freedom our only hope..” Get “Wealth,” the newest book from Rafa Wright, a guide on how to achieve financial freedom. View “Wealth” Book Trailer Here.  

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