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Hot Sauce Fans Rejoice! Beale’s Hot Sauce Serves Up Flavor and Heat

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No one understands the importance of hot sauce like our community. If you love using hot sauce, make sure the brand you keep on-hand is Black-owned like The Beale Sauce Company

In addition to selling mouth-watering hot sauces crafted with fresh ingredients like peaches, sweet orange bell peppers, habanero peppers, garlic and spices, the company is a family-run enterprise inspired by the life and legacy of Gunnery Sergeant Stanton Beale who was the first Black flight engineer in the Marine Corps.

The brand carries three flavors of hot sauce, all priced affordably at $5.99. The Schmuckatelli Mild Sauce is the lowest ranking sauce on the heat scale, featuring a sweet heat that compliments many dishes. Next up on the heat scale is the Sergeant Sauce Medium Sauce, and the hottest sauce in the collection is the Gunny Fire Sauce. All the sauces are crafted with Beale’s motto of “tasting food along with the heat.” 

The sauces were awarded a third-place prize at the 2019 Thousand Oaks International Hot Sauce Competition, beating out over 100 other entries from 21 nations in total. 

The Beale Sauce Company was founded by Beale and run by his son Gerald Williams Jr., with the help of Regina Beale, Matthew Wicked, Daniel Williams, and Gerald Williams Sr. 

Gunnery Sgt. Beale’s military history is a big part of why Beale Sauce was created. Beale was among the first Black recruits to go through training at Parris Island following President Harry S. Truman’s executive order for a full integration policy of the armed forces in 1949. This pattern of first’s continued when he became the first black flight engineer in the Marine Corps in April of 1966. He was also the flight engineer for the longest flight recorded in Marine Corps history, which began at McMyrtle Point and extended to Russian Station Vostock in sub-degree temperatures and back. He received an Antarctic Expeditionary Medal from the mission he and his crew completed. 

“The Marine Corps has given a boy from the streets of Philadelphia a chance to travel around the world 12 and a half times. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that the Marine Corps has given to me,” said Beale.

Beale is a lifelong fan of hot sauce. After ending his career at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in California and relocating to the Bay Area, he tried South American cuisine for the first time and quickly became a fan of the peppers they use.   

“I always used to carry jalapenos with me … and I remember one day, a buddy of mine introduced me to habaneros — and they were fire!” Beale explained.

After this discovery, he made his hot sauce using peppers like habaneros and other ingredients like garlic, vinegar, and even wine. After experimenting and having many people enjoy the hot sauces, Beale’s son, suggested that they turn his hobby into a business. 

“With my ingredients and formulas and his ingenuity and leadership, we created Beale Sauce.” 

“Get your rank up” and shop the Beale Sauce Company today!

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