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iC Murals’ Peel-and-Stick Black Art Prints Will Turn Your Home Into a Gallery

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iC Murals is where fine art meets interior design. The Black-owned company specializes in high definition, large adhesive prints reproduced on the highest quality adhesive canvas and vinyl materials. iC Murals was founded four years ago by mother Lesley and daughter, now 14-year-old Lyric Grae, who wanted to deliver the gallery/museum experience directly to your home or office. One of the main inspirations behind the business started with Lesley’s desire to surround Lyric with historical, cultural, indigenous, and Black art. 

“I couldn’t find large-scale with a storyline that fit our story, so I started to create art for my daughter’s room,” Lesley expressed.

The company’s mission is also strongly connected to the memory of Lesley’s father, who passed away the day of Lyric’s 5th birthday. Lesley’s father was heavily involved in the civil rights movement and always instilled the importance of ensuring that our Real history was at the center of her artwork. 

“I believe my father dying on my daughter’s birthday was a huge honor; it was kind of like him passing on the torch and his legacy onto Lyric,” Lesley emphasized.

 At 14 years old, Lyric does our video installations. Attends most meetings, works on our visual collaborations to create art pieces, media editing reviews new artists’ portfolios, and does event marketing while managing her high school coursework in homeschool. Lesley explains Lyric has been hands-on since when she launched the company when Lyric was nine. 

“I love that with our business, people can express themselves and make their spaces their own,” Lyric said.

In the wake of her father’s death, Lesley decided to paint a 10’ FT in her home to symbolize his life.  That painting gave her the first inklings of what eventually would become iC Murals.

Lesley’s goal was to figure out how she could bring the museum experience to people’s homes without actually having the muralists painting on their walls. Now you may be thinking that these murals are digital art; they are not. These are actual works of art transferred onto adhesive canvas. Every time you purchase from iC murals, you sow back into the artists that painted the piece you are buying. We pay all of the artists and promote their work heavily. Build with Us, so we can rebuild the people who make our communities great. 

iC Murals canvas adhesive murals and decals offer a flawless transition. Their printers are experts in maintaining the integrity of each piece. With iC Murals,  it is a simple step process to transform any space without causing damage to your walls. Besides the company’s artist partnerships, you can also commission custom pieces. iC Murals invites you to wander through and explore their gallery to discover your masterpiece!   

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