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Ilhan Omar Set To Make History With Primary Win

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Making History Again

In 2016, Ilhan Omar, made history as the first Somali-American state legislator when she was elected to the State House of Reps in Minnesota. Omar is now set to make history once again as she nears election into Congress. She won the Democratic nomination for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in the primary elections on Tuesday, placing her closer to victory. Omar will be replacing Representative Keith Ellison who submitted a last-minute bid for attorney general.


Once sworn into Congress, Omar will not only be the first Somali-American to hold a seat, she will also be one of the first Muslim women in Congress. Palestinian-American, Rashida Tlaib, will also be one of the first Muslim Women in Congress. Tlaib won the Detroit-area Democratic primary in Michigan last week. As Omar moves one step closer to diversifying Congress and making history, she has big plans to change America’s political climate.


Omar has made it clear that if voted into Congress, she will counter all of President Trump’s policies. She plans to help build an America that the citizens can be proud of and that the citizens deserve. Throughout her campaign, Omar has made it clear that her life has contributed to her qualifications for this position in American politics. Ilhan Omar, Democratic Primary, U.S. Congress, Congress, Black politics, Black history


Ilhan Omar was born in Somalia, in 1982. She and her seven older siblings were raised by their father after their mother died. She was raised in a middle-class household and looked up to her family members, most of whom were civil servants. Once the Somalian civil war began in 1991, Omar and her family fled the country. The family lived in a refugee camp for the next four years. In 1995, the Omar family had the opportunity to leave Kenya and immigrate to the U.S. After first landing in Arlington, Virginia, the family then settled in Minneapolis. In only three months, Omar learned how to speak English. At the age of 14, she then began accompanying her grandfather to caucus meetings, acting as his interpreter. Omar navigated her way through politics, ultimately winning the November 2016 general election for the Minnesota House of Representatives. Omar argued that it is her tumultuous life story that has equipped her with the tools necessary to counter Trump.


Omar has received much notoriety since sinning the 2016 election for State Representative. As a result of her historic victory, you can find the young politician on the front cover of Time magazine. Now with her latest primary election, her notoriety has increased even more. And, if all goes as projected, you find her in a seat amongst the other members of Congress in the near future. Ilhan Omar, Democratic Primary, U.S. Congress, Congress, Black politics, Black history ]]>

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