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Inahsi Naturals Is On a Mission to Empower You and Your Curls

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Even in today’s world of diversity and acceptance, wearing natural, Black hair can still be viewed as a revolutionary act. Whether you prefer to wear your hair in kinks, curls, puffs, or waves, Black-owned premium haircare brand Inahsi Naturals has products that will help you love your natural texture and embrace your beauty. 

Inahsi Naturals caters to all hair types but their newest collection, Pamper My Curls, focuses solely on curly and coily hair. The line follows the LOC method: a moisturization layering technique that consists of applying liquid to hydrate the hair, oil to lock in moisture, and cream to prevent moisture loss.

The Pamper My Curls Collection

This collection includes the Pamper My Curls Slap Elixir, the Curl Sculpting Glaze Strong Hold Gel, and the All-In-One Leave-in Moisture Mist. 

“The All-In-One Leave-In is a refresher that is also a moisturizer, detangler, heat protector, and so much more. The Hair and Slap Elixir stimulates and soothes the scalp and supports growth.’’ said founder Rhonda Marshall. “The Strong Hold Gel is known for how long it lasts. I’ve had people tell me that after working 12-hour shifts as a nurse, their curls are still popping.”

The inspiration behind the company came from Marshall’s experience in the beauty industry. After earning a B.S in chemistry, Marshall worked as a chromatographer, helping to formulate some of the most popular shampoos and conditioners on the market sold by Suave and other mainstream hair care companies.

Around 2012, Marshall noticed a shift in attitudes toward natural hair within the Black community and decided that she could use her background to make natural and effective products. 

“Embracing your curls can be a very scary endeavor,” Marshall said. “It comes with questions like how do I take care of my curls? Will I be accepted by family, peers, and professionals? Will I look beautiful? What products should I be using? These are some of the questions that people have when they embark on this natural hair journey and we at Inahsi Naturals are committed to helping them along the way through quality products, quality education, and quality service.”

Soon after starting the brand, Marshall’s mission became to help people embrace their inherent selves a purpose that is built into the very name of the company.

“Inahsi comes from the Latin word, innasci, which means innate. It means to be born into. So, you’ll see on our bottles, ‘Loving the you that you’re born into.’ No matter how your kinks, coils, and curls come from your head, we celebrate you, we embrace you,” Marshall said.

Inahsi Natural founder Rhonda Marshall

In an effort to grow and expand its reach, Inahsi Naturals is currently raising money for its growth through a crowdfunding campaign that offers equity in exchange for a monetary contribution. For Inahsi Naturals, equity crowdfunding is just another way to empower its customers. By contributing at the ground floor of the company’s expansion, investors stand to make a handsome profit once the company goes public.

 “Instead of going the venture capitalist route, we decided we were going to do crowdfunding because of our customers. It’s really about them because we wouldn’t be where we are without them. They invested in our products, so why shouldn’t they have a share in the company?”    

Shop or invest with Inahsi Naturals today. 

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