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Is Your Hot Sauce Black Owned? Try Burn Yo Face Hot Sauce Today

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With such simple ingredients, you would think that all hot sauces are pretty much the same. A thin, watery concoction made of chilies, vinegar, and maybe a few extra spices. But as those who love hot sauce will tell you — no two brands are quite the same. 

Burn Yo Face Hot Sauce is the creation of Charles Lovejoy, an entrepreneur and bartender based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Like all great hot sauces, Lovejoy created Burn Yo Face as part of a challenge to make the hottest sauce possible.

Burn Yo Face Hot Sauce creator Charles Lovejoy

What he created was a sauce that is just as flavorful as it is hot. The delicious blend uses Thai chilies, jalapeño, habanero, and Carolina Reaper peppers combined with many herbs, spices, and a vegetable tomato base. The result: a unique sauce with perfect heat and great flavor. The sauce also brings sauces and marinades to life. 

Lovejoy’s business is a family affair, with his sister Suzanne using her talents to help market the business, and helping him nab a grant that allowed the business to focus on expansion in 2020 when many other businesses were folding. 

The company also sells an award-winning Bloody Mary Mix that does not contain any alcohol and makes a great cooking companion, adding depth to sauces, stews, and marinades. Paired together the hot sauce and Bloody Mary mix make for Black-owned kitchen must-haves. 

Embedded in their brand is also a need for supporting their local community and a commitment to filling their supply chain with as many Black vendors and businesses as possible. The Lovejoys were raised by a single mother of four, who dedicated her life to being in service to her community, running a homeless shelter for 20 years. Now, the siblings make every effort to give back a portion of sales to local nonprofits. 

Buy Burn Yo Face Hot Sauce here.

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