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John Hope Bryant Headlines Event Tomorrow For Black Entrepreneurs: Register Now

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This is a time for action, not mourning. On June 16th, 3,000 Black entrepreneurs will attend No More Talk: Our People, Our Businesses, Our Responsibility, a joint production of We Buy Black and The Gathering Spot. John Hope Bryant will headline the event, where he will help Black entrepreneurs across the country see this moment in history for what it is: a moment of hope and limitless opportunity. It’s time to shift our perspective, fight for our communities and advance Black entrepreneurship. Tomorrow at 8 eastern, thousands of Black entrepreneurs are gathering, not to hear speeches but to get marching orders to do the work of rebuilding Black Wall Street. If you haven’t already registered, click here to do so now.

John Hope Bryant’s work has been recognized by the last five U.S. presidents and he has served as an advisor to the last three sitting U.S. presidents, from both political parties. He is responsible for financial literacy becoming the policy of the U.S. federal government. In January 2016, Bryant became the only private American citizen to inspire the renaming of a building on the White House campus, when the U.S. Treasury Annex Building was renamed the Freedman’s Bank Building. Bryant was honored as American Banker magazine’s 2016 “Innovator of the Year”, Inc.’s “The World’s 10 Top CEOs” (honorable mention), and one of Time magazine’s “50 Leaders for the Future,” in 1994. John Hope Bryant is not merely an entrepreneur but in fact, a generational leader. He is beyond qualified to help Black entrepreneurs seize this moment and map out a strategy to move forward, in business.

The event will take place at 8 pm eastern on Tuesday and if you’re a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, you need to be there. While the country and the business community seeks to rebound from nationwide protests, Black entrepreneurs have the added burden of rebounding from COVID-19, which threatens to wipe out a generation of Black entrepreneurs. This isn’t another session where you’ll hear speeches and it’s certainly not for clicks: this meeting will be a work session. Not only will business owners get direct coaching from experts on finance, business law and entrepreneurship, there will also be an onramp to receive additional funding from the Black Business Relief Fund. A Black venture capitalist will be advising founders on how to get capital from investors and seasoned, successful Black entrepreneurs, will lay out strategies on how to pivot your business model, during this trying time.

It’s now or never, the future is up to us. Black entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of the community and without them, Black people have no shot. It’s time to strengthen our business in order to not only survive but lead our community to true freedom. Registrants will receive a free business toolkit, click here to register because space is limited.

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D'Juan Hopewell
D'Juan Hopewell
I care about Black Power. Period. Currently working on creating jobs and funding new startups on the South Side of Chicago and writing here and there at HopewellThought.com. Follow me @HopewellThought.
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