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Join a Historic Moment: Black Education Station Launches the First Black-owned Streaming Network for Black Children

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Want to raise confident Black children? Start with the media they consume. The importance of good self-image is crucial, especially in children. Media plays a direct role in how young children see themselves, especially Black children. A study on the effects of television exposure on the self-esteem of elementary-aged children revealed that TV exposure related to lower self-esteem for Black girls and boys. 

Black Education Station, a streaming network with empowering images and messages for children, provides parents, caregivers, and educators of Black children with a reliable media source.

According to the company’s mission statement, they are “a streaming TV network that provides a safe space for premium educational content created by Black educators and experts, for the healthy development of Black children.” 

Black Education Station is similar to Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus. It’s available on all platforms and features content made for children ages 1-10. Black educators and experts create all of the content, which includes topics like Black history, sight words, vocabulary, science, math, STEM activities, and social and emotional learning. Plus, all the programs feature Black people in prominent roles.

The content is also G-rated, meaning that it’s safe for all ages. There is no bad language or behavior, and no references to drugs, smoking, alcohol, or sexual acts. Additionally, there are no political or religious views expressed either.

There are two subscriptions: monthly and annually. The monthly subscription is less than $10 dollars a month. 

The Founding Family, who has decided to remain anonymous so the focus remains on the network, launched the platform on September 2, 2022. Several events inspired their mission to create the streaming service. For one, they wanted to create something constructive that could add value to and improve the Black community. This idea came to the family during the 2020 protests for George Floyd, an unarmed Black man killed by police while being detained. They also wanted to combat the negative images of Black people projected by the mainstream media. Lastly, they were also inspired by the pandemic’s effect on students and schools, knowing that Black children were not getting the education they needed.

As screen time is now part of most children’s daily lives, it’s best to make it healthy and positive. So start your subscription today to give Black children beneficial content to watch.

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