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Join The Great Black Detox and Change Your Life

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The Great Black Detox is a campaign by herbal supplement company, Electric pHood, aimed at restoring and reclaiming the health of Black people. 

“Black People have been let down by the food and pharmaceutical industry. We are still the most likely to die from anything, so we decided we needed to do something about it,” said Dr. Amsu, Endocrinologist, Nutrient Therapist, Herbalist, and CEO of Electric pHood.

Also, Dr. Amsu noted that 98% of pharmaceutical testing is done solely on white people without adequately testing for the different side effects and reactions that might occur in Black populations. The Great Black Detox has been engineered specifically for Black people and our biology. The Great Black Detox is a call to action for all Black people — a call to start detoxing more, eating better, and putting their health first. The brand offers many different types of detoxes that address almost every aliment commonly found in the Black community, from fibroids to obesity. 

According to the CDC, as of 2019, the leading cause of death among Black people in the U.S. is heart disease and cancer. While a staggering 50% of the Black people suffer from hypertension and/or obesity.

“We are responding to the crisis in the community,” Dr. Amsu emphasized.

For those who are a little more serious about taking The Great Black Detox, Electric pHood also offers The Great Black Detox 14-Day Challenge, which, according to the website, aims to naturally eliminate fat, pathogens, and toxins from the body safely, expeditiously, and most effectively. The challenge involves total abstinence from all solid foods and liquids, except for those strictly prescribed within the detox and the detox supplements. Although intense, this detox could help those looking to eliminate inflammatory diseases, acute or chronic bacterial or viral infections, and shedding large amounts of fat. They also offer a 7-Day Intermittent Detox Fast if the 14-Day Challenge seems too daunting. 

The Great Black Detox also has detox products specifically focused on fibroids. According to Dr. Amsu, 85% of Black women will have or develop a reproductive issue like fibroids in their lifetime. The Great Black Fibroid Detox is a protocol of supplements, meal plans, and exercises that have been helping women around the world to eliminate fibroids without the need for surgery or any other medical procedures.

All of Electric pHood’s products are manufactured in-house, with no outsourcing, and made with natural and organic food-grade ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Electric pHood also has a sister company, Electric Health which is a non-profit focused on educating Black people about their health and giving them the tools and knowledge to make better choices.

“There is a severe need for detoxing in the Black Community and we are here to help,” Dr. Amsu added. 

 Shop The Great Black Detox and Start Your Health Journey Today!

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