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Junebug’s Hallelu-jah! Sauce Will Instantly Elevate Your Food (and Dessert)

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Have you ever had a sauce that can be used for chicken, steak, seafood, and dessert? Yes –– Junebug’s Hallelu-jah! Sauce is so versatile and flavorful, it can be used in and on pretty much anything.

Hallelu-jah! Sauce’s long history began in Seattle, WA in 1986. It first appeared at Thompson’s Point of View, a family-owned Southern Creole restaurant formerly located in Seattle’s Central District. The restaurant’s owner created Hallelu-jah! Sauce to coat and dip crispy party wings.

Customers started asking for the sauce, making Hallelu-jah! one of the restaurant’s most requested condiments. A few years later, Gail started bottling up the sauce for customers.

As Gail describes it, the sauces are a “delicate infusion of southern Creole and Asian spices expertly blended into sweet, spicy, and savory dipping, basting, and marinating sauces.”

Currently, there are two flavors: Original and Fire. For the Fire flavor, Gail made sure to go easy on the heat so you can still taste the unique blend of spices.

Customers who’ve tried the sauce love that they get a mouthful of flavor without being overpowered by spicy peppers. Even customers who proclaimed they didn’t like spicy food enjoy the sauce too.

How the sauce got its name is another story. As Gail tells it, “we asked a customer to taste the sauce. He took one bite, jumped up in the middle of the restaurant, and yelled ‘hallelujah!’”

Junebug was the nickname given to restaurant owner Carl Jr. by his favorite uncle. “I felt that the name of Junebug was the perfect way to honor his memory.’’ Gail brought the two elements together to name the company and sauces.

Over the past decade, Junebug’s Hallelu-jah! Sauce has made its way from a beloved restaurant to gourmet grocery stores in Washington to its own online store. Now you too can try Junebug’s Hallelu-jah! Sauce. It just might make you shout, too.

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