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Colin Kaepernick's Historic Victory

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Did Kaep Sell Out?

Last Friday Colin Kaepernick officially settled his collusion case against the NFL. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Both parties agreed not to discuss the case publicly going forward, leaving some critics to dismiss Kaepernick’s motivations as purely financial. Despite criticism, the ruling is nothing short of historic.

N.F.L. Vs. Players

The N.F.L. has the worst relationship with its players out of all of the major American sports. It also has a history of long, drawn-out legal battles with players. They’re willing to drag out cases against players as a display of power.
It took the N.F.L. over three years to settle a case brought against them by former players claiming the league hid the long-term damages of concussions from them. Even after the decision, the league didn’t make the funds available to former players for medical claims until two years after the initial ruling.
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The decision to settle with Kaep after only 15 months of arbitration speaks volumes. The former Super Bowl quarterback’s legal team was prepared to take the case to an actual federal court if need be. The league chose to settle before it could even get that far.
Multi-billion dollar companies don’t normally bow out of legal disputes. Kaepernick believed in what he stood (knelt) for and came away victorious.

Kaepernick’s Future

Kaepernick will undoubtedly continue his charitable work. In 2016 he established a program called the Know Your Rights Camp while he was away from the game. The free youth program promotes self-empowerment, higher education, and how to properly interact with law enforcement. The program, funded mainly through donations, will likely benefit from the collusion settlement. Rumors have it: the settlement amount is anywhere from $20 million to $80 million. A silent settlement shouldn’t bring skepticism. He’ll get what he deserves for being denied the right to work for two years. Colin Kaepernick will continue to be a symbol for protesting injustice and standing up for your what you believe in. Colin Kaepernick, NFL, Blackness, Black, We Buy Black,]]>

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