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The We Buy Black Weekend RECAP: L.A. + 'Black Panther' + The Kool Kids Store

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A Kool Event We Buy Black was invited to an event in Los Angeles, CA that was hosted by DJ L Double E (founder of The Kool Kid Store). I was asked to attend; I’m glad I was able to. We were able to see Marvel’s ‘Black Panther.’ Sure, the event itself was great, but the reason behind it was even better.

The Event

Upon arriving at the Cinemark Theater 18 at the Promenade, I searched for DJ L Double E. Once I found him, he handed me my movie ticket and we waited for the other guests to arrive. Once more of DJ L Double E’s guests arrived, we took pictures. I interviewed a number of the business owners who were also invited: Danielle Bennett, DJ A-Tron, and Shianne Winston just to name a few.

On The Rocks

Kool, Lady on the Rocks, Lady, Rocks My first interview was with Danielle Bennett, the founder of Lady On The Rocks Mobile Bartending. Once DJ L Double E invited Bennett to the event, she was more than happy to show her support. Bennett is a former bartender turned business owner who has operated her mobile bartending company since October of 2014. She has a huge social media presence and will have her products out on store shelves soon.

A Day In L.A.

DJ A-Tron, DJ, A-Tron, music Next, I interviewed DJ A-Tron. According to XXL Magazine, DJ A-Tron is “the most popular” DJ in Los Angeles. You’ve probably heard some of his work at events like BET Experience and the Grammy Awards. DJ A-Tron has worked with artists, like Nipsey Hussle and Joe Moses, and is now working on his own record label, A Day In L.A.

The New Black Era

The New Black Era, New, Black, Era   I had the privilege of interviewing Shianne Winston. Winston is the founder of her own nonprofit organization, The New Black Era. The New Black Era is an organization that is committed to keeping you informed about all things Black in and outside of the Greater Los Angeles Area. Winston works with ICEF Inglewood Middle Charter Academy from which she provided the true inspiration behind this event: the kids. Through his Kool Kid brand, DJ L Double E sponsored the event, taking a group of inner-city youth from the underserved community of Inglewood, to the movies.

Black Panther

The Kool Kid Store, Kool, Kid, Store, Buy Black Now for the event. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I won’t spoil it for you. All I can say is, “Wow!” If you haven’t seen it, you need to. What was truly great–aside from the film itself–was the experience. Members of the Black community were dressed in Dashikis and Mud Cloth or donning their perspective Black Greek paraphernalia. The sense of community was awe-inspiring and I hope the kids of the ICEF Inglewood Middle Charter Academy took note of just how powerful this experience was.

Kool Kid Store

The Kool Kid Store, Kool, Kid, Store, Black I was able to interview DJ L Doule E about the significance of throwing this event. It begins with the Kool Kid brand; spreading positive vibes throughout the community. The Kool Kid Store sends the message to all that, “No matter what [positive thing] you do…you make it Kool,” and encourages everyone to continue doing what you do. DJ L Double E put this event together for the kids. As an avid believer in giving back to the community, he wanted to take as many kids to see ‘Black Panther’ as he could. Although I enjoyed seeing the movie (and for free, I might add), there was no greater reward than seeing the elation on the kids’ faces when they saw Black Panther on the big screen. Cudos to DJ L Double E and the Kool Kid Store.   Follow the business owners and entrepreneurs who helped make this event possible: DJ L Double E – Website: www.thekoolkidsstore.com | IG: @leandrew11 | Twitter: @leandrew11 Shianne Winston – Website: www.thenewblackera.org | IG: @thenewblackera | FB: @thenewblackera Tiffany Gilbert – Website: TiffanyGilbert.com | IG: @tiffany.gilbert Danielle Bennett – IG: @ladyontherocks_ | FB: @ladyontherockss DJ A-Tron – IG: @dja_tron]]>

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