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Kusherland Holistic Is Here to Help Step Up Your Self Care

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Washington D.C. is a city that has everything. With its rich international population, nightlife, robust political and professional scenes, and aggressive gentrification, it’s hard to imagine that you can’t find a business that has whatever you want, whenever you want.

But for native Washingtonian and natural health enthusiast Kia Williams, when it came to Black-owned destinations for wellness and healing, there was a space that needed to be filled.

“I always used to see little crystal shops when I would travel, and I thought, ‘why don’t we have that here?’”

So Williams and her business partner Kief Kusher set out to fill that void. Their D.C.-based destination for health and wellness is called Kusherland Holistic and with it they hope to inspire and encourage healthy lifestyles for Black people locally and nationwide.

Kusherland Holistic sells a wide variety of healing and self care products like crystals and sage, bath salts, soaps, and healing tinctures. All of the products are hand-crafted in small batches, using pure, organic oils and herbs, and many are infused with CBD. Products are available online and in-person at their brick and mortar spa location, which offers healing services by appointment. Luxurious 24 karat facials, sound healings, foot detox baths and massages are all on the menu here.

Kusherland Holistic Bath Salts

Fans of the brand seem to really rave over their custom blended bath salts and healing tincture.

“Everyone really loves the bath salts, Williams gushed. “We have great reviews, people say it gives them the best night’s sleep.”

As a professional and creative team, Kusherland Holistic is not Kusher and Williams’ first project. Outside of Kusherland Holistic, Kusher is an artist and DJ and Williams is a chef, known locally as Chef K.
The two have teamed up for brunch events and paint parties, where Kusher sets the vibe and Williams sets the table with delicious, healthy food.

For Williams, the journey to a holistic lifestyle has been a deeply personal one. She credits her grandmother’s victory against cancer as a catalyst in changing her perception around healthy eating.

“Growing up, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer,” she said. “It was a traumatic experience because they gave her six months to live. The medicine was making her so sick, and I remember her saying she wanted to take the holistic route. I watched my grandmother heal herself from cancer. The doctors called it a miracle. So I’ve always wanted to let people know that we can heal ourselves, we don’t have to die from cancer or diabetes.”

At its core, Kusherland Holistic is a brand centered on self care. In addition to their products, services, and events, the brand is launching a 2021 holistic planner filled with mantras and space to plan out self care.

Shop Kusherland Holistic here: https://kusherlandholistichealing.com/

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