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WE BUY BLACK HOLIDAY GUIDE: Our Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Last-Minute Items Sure, we would like to be productive individuals who complete all of their shopping days, weeks, maybe even months before the holiday. But that rarely happens. Not to worry. We Buy Black has all of your last-minute-gift needs for this holiday season. Read through our Last Minute Gift Guide and take your pick of these amazing We-Buy-Black certified products.

Pearly Whites Combo

Here’s the perfect last-minute gift for the family; the Pearly Whites Combo Holiday Gift Set. This PEARLY WHITES gift set from Go Natural includes one Bamboo toothbrush, charcoal toothpaste, and peppermint mouthwash. So, when you have that big job interview or that first date — or you simply don’t want to be a yuck-mouth — in 2018, your smile will be pearly white. “It’s that good.” Buy Here. family, last minute, gift, gifts, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash,

Black History Flashcards Gift Cards

In school, we’re taught that our history begins with slavery. Learning more than what the education system teaches you is crucial. That’s why you should buy these ESSENCE-recommended Black History Flashcards. Give the gift of knowledge with this deck of 52-cards containing “images and easy to digest bullet-point information.”The Digital Gift Cards are the perfect last-minute stocking-stuffers. Buy Here. Black, Black history, Black history cards, history, card, cards, gift, family, fam, gifts, stocking stuffer, ESSENCE

Gifted & Lit Children’s DVDs

Give your child the gift of knowledge with the ‘Gifted & Lit’ series. These DVDs teach kids about all subjects including math, science, and language arts but with a Hip Hop twist. This DVD makes for the perfect last-minute gift that is sure to excite and educate your children. So, make some cocoa and cozy up with the fam while you watch the super fun and family-oriented ‘Gifted & Lit’ series. Buy Here. family, family-oriented, fam, dvd, DVD, DVDs, dvds, gift, gifts, gifted, lit, gifted and lit

Lela Lunch Bag

As soon as the holidays are over, it’s back-to-school. Send your kids back to school with some of the best gear. KIDS SWAG offers the best gear for children, e.g. the Lela Lunch Bag. It’s the perfect gift for your daughter, niece, or your younger sister. It’s pretty and pink with enough space to hold all of your little princess’ snacks while giving her a sense of pride for her natural hair. She’ll love it! Buy Here. family, child, children, gift, gifts, lunch bag, lunch, bag afro puffs, natural hair, naturalista

Black Fatherhood

Where the world will have people believe stereotypes about the Black community, Author Khalid Akil White counters those stereotypes with his book, ‘Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimonies & Triumphs’. This must-read book shares the experiences of multiple Black fathers and how they’ve dealt with Black fatherhood. People love a good read which is why this book is a great last-minute gift. Buy Here. book, read, reader, Black, fatherhood, family, Black fatherhood

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