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Lavar Ball: Villain Or Model For Black Fatherhood

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Much has been said about Lavar Ball within the last year. He gets mocked on Saturday Night Live and Donald Trump called him ungrateful. Is Lavar Ball loud and selfish, just trying to make money off his kids? Or is Lavar Ball a marketing genius laying the ground work for a multi-million dollar family business?

Maybe there’s some truth to both but if you think he’s talking just to feed his own ego not only are you wrong, but his plan is working to perfection.

Method Behind The Madness

Lavar Ball created Big Baller Brand  for his three sons who all play basketball at a high level.

His oldest son Lonzo Ball was the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft by the L.A. Lakers. Liangelo Ball enrolled at UCLA in August. The youngest Ball brother Lamelo, a high school junior, is one of the top high school players in the country.

All the major shoe companies came together and capped the amount of money spent on rookie shoe deals in the mid 2000’s. BBB is threatening the current construct of how apparel companies do business with athletes by positioning themselves for a partnership as oppose to hoping for an endorsement deal.

One Nike executive went as far as to call Lavar the worst thing to happen to basketball in the last 100 years.

Big Baller Brand

In July Big Baller Brand released Lonzo Ball’s first signature shoe, the ZO2, before he ever played a game. Months later Big Baller Brand released a signature shoe for Lamelo Ball, the first time a high school athlete has had his own shoe.

BBB also sets up pop up shops all around the country and abroad selling apparel. Their reality show “Ball In The Family” streams on Facebook and is extremely popular among youth.

The Future

In October Lavar took Lamelo out of school to be homeschooled and work with a trainer. Earlier this week he also took Liangelo out of UCLA after he learned he would be suspended indefinitely for the shoplifting incident during a team trip to China.

Both Ball brothers signed with older brother Lonzo’s agent yesterday and plan to play overseas. The moves were met with heavy criticism.

Obviously education is important but they’re leaving school to be part of an already successful family business. It will only help to further spread and legitimize the brand.

We should all be establishing something we can pass down to the next generation, especially minorities. If you’re still caught up on talking about how bad Lavar is for his kids and the game of basketball you’re missing the boat. Lavar wouldn’t have it any other way though….as long as you’re still talking.


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