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Lavar Ball, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Introduces Big Baller Brand Water!

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Big Baller Brand Water! “Which NBA player is advertising water? No one,” said LaVar. “Everyone in the US is for some reason too proud for water campaigns. There are energy drinks that get advertised, but no one even thought about water.” -Lavar Ball

All-Natural Bottled Water

Lavar Ball has another business venture planned. In case you didn’t know his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo are now playing professional basketball in Lithuania. Ball recently stated that he will be importing water from Lithuania and will call it Big Baller Brand Water. The water will be priced to brands like San Pellegrino and Perrier. The CEO of Big Baller Brand is proving that he has a plan to make the best life possible for his family and others around him.  BBB recently announced a partnership with Birstonas Mineral Water, a company located in Lithuania.  Most athletes endorse a sports drink including the likes of Gatorade and Powerade but Lavar Ball has proven himself to think outside of the box and is intent on growing his own Big Baller Brand. “There are energy drinks that are advertised, but nobody even thought about water. And here we come from the Atlantic with water. Lithuania has the best water in the world! Zero nitrate! What kind of water is more transparent?” –Lavar Ball

Billion Dollar Man?

Recall 50 Cent had a stake in Vitamin Water and the company sold for 4.1 billion dollars to Coca Cola.  This begs the question of why no other athletes have not previously invested in the water industry.  In 2017 alone U.S. water brands sales accounted for over 7 billion dollars.  Lavar is clearly playing chess while his haters are playing checkers.  Could Lavar Ball be the next Black billionaire? People don’t understand his strategy but it’s working as he has been in the spotlight and now interviewed by comedy mega star, Kevin Hart.  Click Here to see the interview.

Call to Action

When the Big Baller Brand water finally arrives in the U.S. go support it.  Lavar Ball is here to change the status quo and show us that we don’t have to bend to corporations to build our own brands.  Big Baller Brand has taught us to know our worth and demand what we deserve.

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