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Lebron James: The Blueprint For Self Empowerment

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production company, owns stock in every company he endorses and owns a sports agency that represents other NBA players. All while empowering the people around him. Pay close enough attention to how he did it and you have the blueprint to self empowerment.

The Plan

[caption id="attachment_3718" align="alignright" width="246"] L. James and Business Manager Maverick Carter (Via cnbc.com)[/caption] James is very intentional with his business decisions. You can trace it back to when he was an 18 year old NBA rookie. He began laying the foundation for what was to come. Instead of keeping an “entourage” around spending all of his money, he hired an agent to teach his three close friends the business. His intention was to put his close friends in a position to handle his business affairs.

 The Team

[caption id="attachment_3738" align="alignleft" width="261"] Rich Paul, James’ agent and longtime friend[/caption] James understands the value of building a team on and off the court. After his friends learned everything they could, James fired his representatives and went into business with his friends. Now Lebron and his childhood friends Maverick Carter, Rich Paul and Romeo Travis make historic deals on a regular basis. James and Paul co-own Klutch Sports, ranked the 34th most valuable agency in sports. James and Carter co-own Springhill Entertainment, a highly successful production company. The four of them collectively own LRMR, a marketing firm that represents James and many other high profile NBA players.


Ownership is clearly the motive for Lebron. He made a plan, he stuck to it and he empowered himself and the people closest to him. There’s a conscious effort to have some sort of ownership in all his endeavors. Now more than ever, marginalized communities need to understand the power and freedom of ownership. A well thought out plan, a group of like minded individuals, and an aim toward ownership is a blueprint we can all follow.]]>

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