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Let CMBLUXE Choose Your Fall Looks and Stop Scrolling

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Online shopping is not always as fun as it seems. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you can spend hours scrolling through hundreds of clothing options before giving up. Luckily, CMBLUXE is here with a revolutionary way to shop online that’s guaranteed to keep you looking good without the stress. 

CMBLUXE is a luxury women’s clothing boutique on a mission to provide exclusive pieces that satisfy every woman’s mood through fashion. 

“I started CMBLUXE because shopping can be overwhelming,” said founder Candice Beasley. “We curate looks for seamless shopping. We curate looks to meet your mood.”

Here’s how it works: Each month CMBLUXE drops between 3 and 5 collections, each featuring 6 different looks. Shoppers can browse styles by category or mood instead of the usual broad categories like tops, or pants. Once each collection is gone, the looks don’t return. This unique way of organizing and selling clothes keeps the offerings unique and fresh, says Beasley. 

CMBLUXE founder Candice Beasley

“The brand is about really curating looks that tap into a woman’s essence and making it a streamlined experience so people are not overwhelmed by shopping,” Beasley said.

As the founder and creative mind behind CMBLUXE, Beasley says she has always had a knack for choosing clothes. After a career in luxury retail, helping clients find the perfect looks to match the occasion, Beasley decided she was ready to strike out on her own. 

“I have this eye for fashion and also tapping into the energy and essence of the person. I love fashion and I love the whole idea of dressing how I want. People just love how I put clothes together.”

Beasley says CMBLUXE‘s typical customer is an educated, professional, fashionable woman who wants to look sexy but loves to be adventurous. Plus she’s “a little boughetto”.

“A style doesn’t make it into the final board until it looks like something that my customers would want. It’s all about making it an experience so they can feel comfortable about what they’re wearing and feel good.”

Shop CMBLUXE here.

Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $150.

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