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Libya: What's a Black Life Really Worth?

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We often pray for every other country when something tragic happens but this needs a lot more than prayer.  This needs action and now! Most migrants trying to reach Europe must set sail from Libya where they are being forcibly purchased and discarded. The United Nations is investigating but clearly, more than an investigation is needed. And President Trump obviously doesn’t deem the Libyan slave trade even worthy of mention as he has failed to address this atrocity via statement or tweet.  Still, we must unite to fight against this inhumane crime and end the enslavement of our African brothers and sisters. Videos have shown hundreds of Africans being mistreated, threatened and ultimately traded in public. Imagine hearing someone auction you as the highest bidder prepares to make payment for your life and set you up to be beaten, tortured and nearly worked to death on a daily basis. Reports say that many Libyan slaves are forced to speak to their loved ones via phone while they are being tortured so their family can hear them suffer. Migrants in Libya are treated like dogs. They are used, beaten and simply replaced with other slaves in case of their deaths. As humans, we must not condone slavery but as Blacks, specifically, our voices must be heard.  We must not allow our people to be bought and treated as less than humans.  We must force action from the United States government. It had no issue going into Iraq or Afghanistan and it had no issue overthrowing Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan government. Qaddafi may have been a nondemocratic dictator and a human rights abuser, but he also posed no direct threat to the U.S. As a strong advocate for African unity and Pan-Africanism, he spoke out about anti-black racism in the Arab community and was pushing for a single African currency. The lack of a response or action from the U.S. government has clearly shown Blacks worldwide how indifferent America is to our well being. Again I ask, what is a Black life worth? Clearly, not much to many besides ourselves….]]>

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