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Looking for a Black-Owned Business Near You? Da Village Network Has You Covered!

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Da Village Network is an online directory and e-commerce platform that offers customers the ability to find Black-owned services, products, and restaurants in one click. 

The company was founded a little over three months ago by Alexis Perry and her husband, as a way to give back to their and other Black communities across the country. Alexis sees this as her way to protest and provide. As a mother of four, Perry can’t risk it on the frontlines, but she can pay it forward. 

Perry & Her Husband

“We don’t have any real safe spaces, everything is censored or dictated by the same people who put us through the wringer. So, I wanted to create a safe space for Black businesses.” Perry said. 

We’ve all heard the statistic: When a Black person earns a dollar, it only stays in our community for a total of 6 hours before being spent elsewhere. Perry and her husband view this venture as an opportunity for individuals and communities to build generational wealth and to keep Black dollars with Black people to secure our own financial futures without giving to those who only view us as capital. 

“I feel like this will not only help with building wealth but also in learning how to be self-sufficient, instead of depending on a messed up system,”  Perry added. 

Da Village Network offers two types of memberships to customers. There is a free membership and a premium membership that costs just $2.99 a month. The free membership provides access to browse the network for Black owned businesses. The $2.99 membership allows you to take 15% off all online purchases at any of the listed businesses. The discount excludes taxes, shipping, and delivery fees. 

As of right now, the platform is working on expanding its list of businesses and is currently looking for more to add. There are no monthly or sign-up fees to list a business except for a 15% transaction fee on sold services and items. That 15% is the same 15% off premium membership members receive, because the business believes in paying it forward. Da Village Network will also be launching an app version of the platform soon.

Visit Da Village Network today. 

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