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Looking for Luxurious Skincare for Men? Maneuver Men’s Grooming Has You Covered

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If you need help growing your beard or are looking for rich, and nourishing hair products with a masculine scent, look no further than Maneuver Men’s Grooming.

Maneuver Men’s Grooming is a Black-owned, men’s grooming and skincare business based in Toronto, Canada. The brand is focused on providing the best products to help Black men on their self-care journeys.

Maneuver Men’s Grooming is the brainchild of lifelong friends Udrea Russell, Tyrrell Gardner, Shavae Foote, and Olu Fakomi who started the brand as a means of promoting self-care practices for men. 

“We were inspired by our sisters and cousins who taught us about haircare and skincare products. So, we wanted to create a safe place where men could also care for themselves,” co-founder Udrea Russell explained. 

Once the team established that Maneuver Men’s Grooming was a self-care brand, they started researching what was needed in men’s skincare, haircare, and overall self-care. They also investigated the best and most effective ingredients to use in their products, and by late March 2020, the brand launched. 

Their best-selling products include the Beard Growth Kit, which comes with a beard growth oil and a beard roller. The Beard Growth Kit has a six-month, money-back guarantee for hair growth. The brand also offers the Brown Sugar Bundle, which has beard oil and whipped shea body butter. 

Maneuver Men’s Grooming products are formulated and bottled in-house using only quality ingredients. Every aspect of the business, including the labels, is made/designed by the team. 

“We are just four young Black men doing everything for our business,” Russell said. 

Maneuver Men’s Grooming is looking to partner with other Black-owned businesses like barbershops, salons, and beauty supply stores to make their products available to every Black man in need of them.

“Our vision is to change the way men view self-care, grooming, and mental health; to show men, it is important to take care of their personal hygiene, and to emphasize the importance for men to talk about issues normally neglected or deemed taboo by society.” 

Shop Maneuver Men’s Grooming today and start your self-care journey.

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