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Make Home a Healing Space With FewwEssentials Candles and Incense

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There are levels to everything. Take incense for example — there’s the type you buy for one dollar at a gas station that usually smells like burning wood and bad cologne, and then there are the beautifully fragranced types of incense used in temples and during religious practices. They’re both incense, but they aren’t at all comparable. 

If you love making your home smell nice, level up your incense game with natural dhoop incense sticks from FewwEssentials. A far cry from the discount incense we’re all used to, dhoop Incense Sticks are made using the finest oils, tree resins, tree gum, and wood powder. Also, they don’t have a wooden stick in the middle — so there’s no harsh, burning wood smell. 

The owners of FewwEssentials, Monica James and her partner Tanvi Sheth, say that if you like incense and you’ve never tried dhoop sticks, you don’t know what you’re missing. 

“I can tell you that the fragrance that they put in the air — it’s like none other,” James said. One little stick can light up a whole house. It gives you a really pleasant smell and it becomes a part of your household. When you open the door the next day you can still smell it and it’s like, ‘Wow. This is home.’” 

James also says the incense is good at masking common household smells like food, pets, and smoke. 

“It keeps people from blowing up your spot,” she confirmed. 

The brand also sells pure, hand-poured beeswax candles. Unlike store-bought favorites, the candles from FewwEssentials only contain 100% beeswax, pure essential, and natural oils, plus they have wooden wicks — so they crackle when you burn them. 

Beeswax candles are not just cool to look at or nice to smell. Many believe that there are beneficial properties associated with burning beeswax candles. Beeswax also burns slower than paraffin and soy waxes, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful scent for even longer than conventional candles. It’s also believed that burning beeswax candles releases negative ions, naturally purifying the air in the same way that salt rock lamps claim to. 

“Burning a beeswax candle actually allows that area to smell fresh,” James said. “When I burn one, my space feels holy to me, it feels sacred. It’s really good for transforming the energy in my space.”

While on her wellness journey, James found aromatherapy and candles had become a large part of her work toward healing herself. But when she found out that a lot of popular candles are laced with harmful chemicals like petroleum-based wax and synthetic fragrances, she took a step back and decided to begin producing her own candles. Her partner, Sheth, is from India and he introduced James to the richness of authentic incense — and their business was born. 

The two believe that once you try their all-natural products, you’ll never go back to the basic candles or incense again. 

“If you go to India and you go into the palaces and temples and these divine places, you won’t find nag champa over there, you would find what we are selling,” Sheth said about nag champa, the popular incense type. “Nag champa is the Mc Donald’s of incense. It’s not even just McDonald’s… It’s the dollar meal. Try the real stuff.”

Shop FewwEssentials today.

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