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Make Money In Real Estate With the Help of CCIREA

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While we’ve all heard that there is major money to be made by investing in real estate, not many of us know how. Now, one brother is helping to make real estate investing easier to understand and more accessible for Black millenials with his online program, the Creating Cash in Real Estate Academy.

The Creating Cash in Real Estate Academy (CCIREA) is a Black-owned Academy focused on providing a resource for Black millennial entrepreneurs from low-income backgrounds to succeed in the real estate business. CCIREA was launched in 2021 by founder Issac Grace, a high-school dropout, as a way to not only change his life but the lives of others. 

“The purpose of the Academy is to expose our people to information that I was fortunate enough to pay tens of thousands of dollars for, but at a fraction of that price,” Grace explained.

Grace got started in real estate around 2014 when he was 21 and just had his first daughter. At the time, Grace saw this as a way to change his life. He was selling drugs and was active in ‘the streets’ at the time, and real estate seemed like a viable way out. Grace’s interest was sparked by watching Youtube videos about real estate and how to get started. He quickly realized that this was something that not only excited him, but it was actually something he could do.

“I knew I was a victim of my circumstances, but I also knew I was destined for more, for me and my children,” Grace emphasized.

Grace was born in Lakewood, New Jersey, to a single mother and an incarcerated father. Like many young black boys, Grace had dreams of playing football professionally, but that never quite panned out. Grace’s childhood was filled with trials that eventually led to him dropping out of school at 17 and turning to the streets to support himself. Luckily by 2014, he discovered real estate, which turned his life around.

“I want to inspire people by telling my truth,” Grace said. 

Then, in 2019, Grace was diagnosed with cancer, which completely changed the way he looked at life and inspired him to take every opportunity that came his way. This transformative experience led him to start CCIREA. He wanted to give other people opportunities to change their lives.

To learn from Grace, check out the Creating Cash in Real Estate course, a complete wholesale mastery program broken down into easy-to-follow modules like Lead Generation, Systemizing And Scaling, Deal Closing, and more! 

Visit Creating Cash in Real Estate today and change your life!

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