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HomeBuying Black#Day3 Meet A.I.C. Publications: Black Owned Publishing Company!

#Day3 Meet A.I.C. Publications: Black Owned Publishing Company!

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#WeBuyBlack28 — Day 3

Meet A.I.C. Publications: Black Owned Publications Company!

A.I.C. Publications: A Black Owned Publications Company

“A.ttain the knowledge, I.nnovate for success,​ C.ommand your future!”

A.I.C. Publications

A.I.C. Publications is a Black owned publishing company founded in 2013 by Mr. M. Hamzah and Amir Makin.  The company’s goal is to provide a positive alternative to the destructive images in literature that are marketed to our community.  Positive representation is important because negative images can destroy the esteem and self-confidence of our youth.  That’s why films like Marvel’s Black Panther matter!  A.I.C. seeks to empower Black people by introducing them to brilliant Black characters like the ones we will see in that movie! Currently, there are five books for sale on their site, four of which are children’s books.  A Worthy Muslim is an adult book that teaches Muslim African Americans how to use their understanding of Islam to overcome institutional racism.  The other four books are children’s book that focus on teaching our youth how to solve economic, social, and political problems. Most importantly, the children’s books introduce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts to our little geniuses!

Mission to Increase Literacy Rates

You have probably never read the statistic that 51% of Black fourth graders read below basic proficiency levels.  That’s more than half of our little ones!  Is it because our geniuses do not want to learn?  It is because they have not been taught properly and that is the problem A.I.C. intends to solve!  A.I.C. publishes literature that takes into account the social background of our children.  The characters in the books are ones our children can relate to. Two of the main characters in the children’s books are Ali the Inventor and Aisha the Navigator.  Ali is a brilliant young, Black scientist who uses his knowledge of math and science to help his community solve problems.  In the book Ali the Inventor Guides City Council, he teaches young readers, “the importance of local government, and how the science behind a simple device can not only generate money, but make positive improvements in city life.” Aisha the navigator has special powers as well!  Aisha the Navigator uses a special navigation bracelet to travel to any point in history.  In the book Aisha the Navigator Handles the Bully she uses her bracelet back in time to meet a little-known historical leader.  From this leader she learns how to deal with bullies!  Fascinating stuff, right?  Check out more books below and click on the pictures for more details.

Featured Products

*For Black History Month only, get 2 children’s books for $17 or 4 children’s books for $34 a 15% Black History discount. Sale beings February 1st and end February 28th!*

*Click on pictures for more details!*

A Worthy Muslim by Amir Makin

AIC Publications: A Black Owned Publications Company

Aisha the Navigator Handles the Bully by Amir Makin

AIC Publications: A Black Publications Company

Aisha the Navigator Trains a Leader by Amir Makin

Ali the Inventor Saves the Garden by Amir Makin

AIC Publications: Black Owned Publications Company

Ali the Inventor Guides City Council by Amir Makin

Call to Action

Go support AIC by purchasing at least one of the books listed above.  Purchase a Worthy Muslim for yourself or a children’s book for your child, Godson, niece, etc.  What better way to show a child you love them than exposing them to STEM at an early age?  You are guaranteed return on your investment because, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!”

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