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Mother and Daughter Owned Tea Brand Brings Haitian Flavors to Your Doorstep

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When you think of famous tea-drinking nations, which countries come to mind? England? China? India? 

Well, it’s time to add Haiti to that list. Haitea is a Black-owned, all-natural brand of teas and herbs sourced directly from women farmers in Haiti. 

The Haitian tea drinking tradition is something well known to those familiar with the culture, but virtually unknown to those without any ties to the Caribbean nation. Now, one family is ready to share the richly flavored teas and medicinal herbs that Haitians have enjoyed for centuries, with the rest of the world. 

The idea for Haitea was sparked by the curious mind of then 8-year-old Sanaa Pierre. As a first-generation Haitian-American growing up with her mother and grandmother in the household, tea drinking is a cherished ritual of daily life for Pierre and the family. Her mother and business partner Sandra Florvella says that when Pierre was just 8, she asked her mother, “Mom, why don’t we share [our tea] with other people?” and the business was born. 

Haitea creator Sanaa Pierre

Florvella says it took three years to bring her baby girl’s vision to fruition, including many trips to Haiti to build relationships with farmers, vetting companies for packaging and product testing, finally launching the initial line of teas in 2018. 

The family is proud of its signature products, promising a richness of flavor that is unparalleled by your run-of-the-mill grocery store tea brands. Florvella attributes the tea’s unique depth of flavors to the mineral-rich soil found on the mountainous farms where the tea is grown. The family is also proud that their business is one that raises the profile of Haitian goods and invests in the arms 

“We have an opportunity to not only share what comes from Haiti but to create job opportunities in Haiti.” 

Haitea is also committed to creating a Black supply chain for their products when possible. From the farmers to processors, packaging, and even graphic designers, Florvella says that it’s important that the company’s success translates to success for other Black people. 

If it’s your first time trying Haitian teas, Haitea offers three tea bundles that can help you taste a range of tea offerings with one purchase. The Ayiti Cheri (translation: Dear Haiti) Tea Bundle is packed with Haitian tasty and medicinal favorites like Soursop tea, Hibiscus tea, and Moringa tea. The Stay Healthy Tea Bundle packs the power of Vervain, Cerasee, and Artemisia Annua teas —  three herbs that promise to help the body detoxify, reduce inflammation, and help relax the nervous system.

“During this pandemic, our health needs to be top priority,” Florvella said. “You can maintain a healthy lifestyle by drinking healthy things.”

Shop Haitea here.

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