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‘My Therapist Is Black’ Connects Black Therapists With New Clients

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After a pandemic, a contentious presidential election, and nationwide racial reckoning, Black therapists are in high demand. However, while some Black therapists are so busy that they are burned out, others are finding it hard to find regular clients. 

Now, Black therapist Iyea Brandy is stepping in to help counselors who aren’t great at advertising their services and clients who need the cultural competence of a Black therapist through her new platform, MyTherapistIsBlack.com

“You have to have a business strategy that gets you in front of clients,” Brandy told WeBuyBlack. “Most therapists don’t have a business model to grow their business. There’s no business class in therapy school.”

My Therapist Is Black creator Iyea Brandy

Brandy has a booming therapy practice that serves children and millennial clients, but it wasn’t always this way. She says, after graduating and getting certified, she quickly realized that clients wouldn’t be knocking down her door to work with her like she thought they would. 

“I found that people weren’t able to find me and they weren’t even able to find me in popular directories that I’d signed up for. I learned that Black therapists make up less than 10 percent of the population of therapists everywhere … so people don’t even know that they can get a black therapist.

Since then, Brandy has become a master at marketing. She found her way, now she is working to help other Black therapists with her site which will advertise on behalf of directory members. All therapists need to do is sign up for a membership to be listed on the site. For people searching for therapy services, the site is free. 

MyTherapistIsBlack.com sets itself apart from traditional therapist directories in three ways: 

  • They offer local advertising for therapists on social media.
  • Matching services are available to match therapists with the right clients.
  • Competitive, tiered pricing that allows therapists to choose the services they need to grow their business. 

Although she’s happy to provide the service, Brandy’s advice for Black therapists is still the same: Make a plan for how you will market yourself. 

“ A lot of therapists can’t make enough money because they don’t have a plan. You have to have a business strategy that gets you in front of clients. That’s your bread and butter.”

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