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Need A Good Book? Check Out These Black Authors

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Quarantine can be a drag and at times, frankly, you’re just bored. If you’re looking for something to occupy your mind and time, perhaps a good book is in order. Check out these Black authors and also, you can find tons more at webuyblack.com.

Grammy nominated composer and recordist artist Charles Wright is a living legend, having nearly invented the fusion of soul and funk in the 1970’s, with hits like “Express Yourself,” “Do Your Thing” and “Loveland.” Wright now takes us on a literary journey with his book, Up from Where We’ve Come. The book is the true story of his life, before the fame. Charles Wright writes about his childhood and his family’s trials and tribulations on a cotton plantation. It is the quintessential pre-civil right story, from the son of sharecroppers. Get your copy of the book here.

Author D. Camille welcomes you to the fictional universe of unapologetic blackness that exists like no other. In D. Camille’s fictional universe, characters evolve into books, books evolve into series, and series connect families through love, blood and loyalty. Intertwining consciousness, romance, suspense and history, D. Camille’s stories enter your life and touch your soul. D. Camille is the originator and creator of Conscious Mystery, Contemporary and Historical Romance Series….an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author in African American Mystery and Suspense, an Amazon Top Ten Bestselling Author in Romantic Suspense, 20th Century Historical, African American Historical, Contemporary Women and Meditation. Click here to shop.

Stephanie Nicole Norris is an author from Chattanooga, Tennessee with a humble beginning. She was raised with six siblings by her mother, Jessica. Always being a lover of reading, during Stephanie’s teenage years, her joy was running to the bookmobile to read stories by R.L. Stine. After becoming a young adult, her love for romance sparked, leaving her captivated by heroes and heroines alike. With a big imagination and a creative heart, Stephanie penned her first novel Trouble In Paradise, self-publishing it in 2012. Her debut novel turned into a four book series packed with romance, drama, and suspense. She went on to pen grin-inducing romance and to her pleasure was awarded BRAB’s Best Book Cover of 2018 and has been nominated for several other’s including, ‘BRAB’s 2018 Rochelle Alers Best Series Award for the Falling for a Rose series. ‘BRAB’s Donna Hill Breakout Author Award 2018, as well as Girl Have You Read’s Favorite Romance of 2019 for With Your Permission. As a prolific writer, Stephanie’s catalog continues to grow. Click here to shop.

Seymone Kelly aka Yesmonewrites is from Harlem, New York. She found her voice through writing at a young age. Seymone has published three books through Kindred Soul Publications. Her books are called “Kared and Shyann: A Harlem Love Affair (1 & 2)” and “Caine and Athalia: Loving on the Low.” Aside from books, she also performs poetry. All of her performances can be found at YouTube.com/harlemsongtress. She was selected and performed at the Harlem Arts Festival in June 2016. Her latest poetry can be found on two projects that came out this year. The first one is called “Shapes,” by Housecoat Wavy on the song titled “Awakening.” The second one is featured as the “Interlude” on Dave East’s new project called “Karma 2.” Seymone has interned at Global Grind, Def Jam and Sony Music. She has a radio show called “Student Union,” with three co-hosts on DTF radio that started back in March 2018. In the past, she wrote for respectthenext.com and aahiphop.com. Her personal blog is called expressionofsound.wordpress.com where she features her short stories. Currently she has a film out called “HOMI3S,” which she wrote. Her children’s book is out now called, “Joyner and Magical’s Big Dreams.” Click here to shop.

Dr. Khalid White tells the stories of the brave men who’ve stepped up to create a better world for their sons and daughters. “The irresponsible Black man” is a dishonest stereotype that haunts fathers to this day. In this collection of stories, Dr. Khalid White shows how fathers in every kind of parenting situation step up to prove this image of Black Fatherhood is false. 14 unique stories. 14 unique persons. 1 unique purpose. Click here to shop.

Ariane La’Nea Randolph has discovered numerous benefits through her own Melanoid Breastmilk Journey but understands that each families’ and woman’s experience will be different. To help you through your own journey, Randolph addresses common questions about breastfeeding and the best ways to stay motivated. In this insightful new discussion of motherhood, family bonding, and the Black community, Ariane La’Nea Randolph shows how one simple parenting choice can have a profound effect on your child, family, and neighborhood. Through her work with the public health department and her own experiences as a wife and mother of five breastfed children, Randolph began understanding the importance of the Black families’ lengthening the amount of time they breastfeed their children. She advocates for at least three years of breastfeeding, which can lead to surprising positive consequences for the Black community. Click here to shop.

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D'Juan Hopewell
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