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New Herbie Hancock Album To Feature Kendrick Lamar, Common And More

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“I’m learning a lot from the young people I’m working with,” Hancock said to the San Diego Tribune speaking from his Hollywood Hills home. “Because they built the new structures, social media and that whole arena, and that affects how you get things out in front of the public to let them know you’re working on something.” “And I’m not even thinking in terms of: ‘I’ll do this record, get it out there, promote it, do some concerts, and then at some point I’ll work on the next record.’ These days, you can put out two tracks, then something a little later that’s connected to the other two. So where you draw the line is up to the artist. It’s a new day.” Hancock’s new project will be his first since 2010’s The Imagine Project. However, the 77-year-old said that he doesn’t have a deadline for the album, which reportedly was supposed to drop in spring 2016.   Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

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