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No Celeb Status? Here are 3 REAL "Relationship Goals"

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From Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill to Jay-Z & Beyoncé, it has been an interesting chain of events for our beloved “Relationship Goals” couples to say the least. I’m not sure when we started idolizing celebrities, as if they don’t have real life issues; but I think it’s time to define what true “Relationship Goals” are. Personally, I’ve never wanted to be a part of this trend; solely because we have no idea what happens with these couples behind closed doors. I get it, there are some amazing couples out there and because of their celebrity status, society places them on a pedestal; however, I feel as Black couples, we need to set a different set of goals to achieve with our significant other. As always, here are three REAL “Relationship Goals” to have.

1. Ownership & Entrepreneurship

From small businesses to homeownership, every Black couple should be making this a goal to achieve. Homeownership has historically been the best way to build wealth, and it’s something we all should be striving for. Ownership creates generational wealth, which is something as a race we need to build and improve. In 2017, we all need to be striving towards personal freedom and financial security; and ownership & entrepreneurship is the sure way to obtain both. Sit down with your significant other, discuss your finances and visions and develop a plan to gain ownership in the near future.

2. Supporting Each Other’s Individual Aspirations

Although it is vital that you and your partner have goals together, it is important that you both have separate aspirations as well. Along with that, supporting those personal goals for your partner is just as important. Independence and personal goals within a relationship are crucial to self-esteem and love; and it displays everlasting trust. Support is an underlying key to success in any relationship; and believe it or not, we can’t solely rely on anything or anyone to make us happy. We have to create the happiness part for ourselves, and the support of your partner can make the job much easier.

3. Loving Each Other, Unconditionally

Let’s be honest, every marriage and lasting relationship will have some bumpy roads along the way. In today’s world, it is so easy to pick up your phone and jump on Tinder, Soul Swipe or any other dating app and move on to the next best thing. The real goal should be loving each other throughout hard and unideal times. I am a firm believer of the saying, “grow through what you go through” and a healthy relationship is no different. The ability to love without limitations or judgement, is the true “relationship goal” to dream of. It’s time to separate entertainment from real life and stop idolizing these relationships we know nothing about. If these celebrities haven’t taught us anything else, recent events have proven no matter the status, we are all human; and we are all subject to trials and tribulations. These social media “relationship goals” are for show. Live your own truth, run your own race; and create your own relationship goals.]]>

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