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No More Dr. Seuss: Here Are 14 Black Authored Rhyming Books

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Last week was Read Across America Week 2018 and Dr. Suess’s Birthday. Many Black parents and teachers were torn about celebrating Dr. Suess with his sordid history of racist cartoons. One can argue that he (allegedly) changed his views and turned over a new leaf, but should his birthday be celebrated? Should we as African Americans be reading literature from a man who at one point considered our people and children subhuman? I think not. This year and forever more Read Across America Day will be celebrated with no mention of Seuss and should incorporate these 14 Black Authored Rhyming Books!

Please Puppy Please- Spike Lee(click here)

Freedom in Congo Square- Carol Boston Weatherford (click here)

Goodnight Princess- Naomi H. Bradley( Click Here)

Naturally Me- Crystal Swain Bates (Click Here)

Big Book of Beginner Reading Stories- Naomi Bradley M.Ed( Click Here)

My Daddy- Matee Brisbane (Click Here)

Happy Happy Happy- Brenda Tillman(Click Here)

The President Looks like Me- Tanya Mitchell(Click here)

Chuckie B and the Potty- Faith Hill (Click HERE)

I am Michelle Obama- Margina Graham Parker (Click HERE)

Big hair Don’t Care- Crystal Swain Bates ( Click Here)

One Love- Cecilia Marley (Click Here)

I’ve Got the Rhythm- Connie Schofield Morrison(Click Here)

Firebird- Misty Copeland (Click Here)

How many more Black Authored Rhyming Children’s Books can you add to the list?


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