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No Matter Your Religion, Blackness is Our Spirituality!

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What’s Religion Got To Do With It? There’s one commonality that police officers considered when they shot and killed unarmed victims Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Terence Crutcher. There’s one specific reason why so many people absolutely detest Colin Kaepernick for merely exercising his legal First Amendment right to protest. There’s also one specific reason why the American government couldn’t care less about the inhumane and animalistic treatment of African migrants in the Libyan slave trade. Hint: The common thread that I’m alluding to has nothing to do with whether or not the aforementioned victims were Muslims, Christians, Hebrew-Israelites, Jehovah Witnesses, Buddhists, Atheists or Ancient Kemetians. I’m certain in most cases, their victimizers were totally unaware and didn’t care about their religious dispositions. But, it’s clear that these victimizers were aware of one prominent factor, the BLACKNESS of their victims! With that being said, it’s non debatable that our Blackness has grouped us all together in everyone else’s eyes, yet religion has somehow tricked us into segregating one another and weakening our resolve. While we’re making differences between our religions and whether we’re Blacks, Moors, Africans, African-Americans, or African-Caribbeans, the rest of the world conveniently manipulates, mistreats and oppresses us. With Blacks subscribing to over 60 various faiths, religion has only served to further divide the Black community; yet, spirituality is much deeper.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality speaks to the mind, will and feelings of the Black family and the Black community. Spirituality allows you to keep your faith in your personal interpretation of God, but also fight for social justice, foster community economics and build businesses and schools alongside your Black brother/sister who may not share your religious interpretations. Spirituality asks what’s more godly than freedom, justice, love, & unity? For years, I was a devout Christian who purposely shunned friendships and relationships with those of other faiths because I was taught to “not be yoked with unbelievers.” I’m certain this mentality hindered me from connecting with plenty of amazing people. People who were loyal, loving and honest. Simply put, many of our religions focus more on who we should hate and stay away from instead of who we should seek to love and assist. Now, I’m proud to say that two of my closest and most inspiring friends are comprised of a Buddhist and a former Christian turned Ancient Kemetian. That’s simply the liberation of spirituality in stark contrast to the division of religion.

Blackness Is Strength

I no longer profess any religion, but I do profess relationships. Spiritual relationships with God and mankind. Mankind of all cultures and races, but especially my own. You see Blackness isn’t just a hue or a trendy movement that we tweet about. For us, it speaks first and foremost of family and heritage. Blackness exudes a spirit of resilience, community, strength, ingenuity, & sheer brilliance. It’s simply who we are, how we survive and how we thrive! I will never agree that religion will provide a solution to the problems in the Black community simply because our problems must be solved collectively. A plethora of religious views will only lead to a plethora of religious conflicts. And if we continue segregating ourselves from other Blacks who choose to worship differently, we’ll all certainly remain divided and oppressed- – – Together! Word to the Wise: If we don’t ALL come together SPIRITUALLY, we’re bound to perish together RELIGIOUSLY…… Peace, Blessings & Blackness!]]>

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