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Nurtured Clothing Tees Spread Self-Love and Positivity

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Clothes are more than just coverings for our bodies. They give us an opportunity to tell the world something about who we are and what we believe in. 

For Charles Morris, the creator and visionary behind Nurtured Clothing, t-shirts can be a vehicle for spreading positivity and promoting healing. 

“I started the brand because I want to make a positive impact,” Morris said. “I love messages on t-shirts. They’re like the greatest billboards.”

Nurtured Clothing’s tees bear designs with empowering messages like “Nurture Your Health”, “Nurture Your Genius”, and “Nurture All of You”.

Morris said he got the inspiration for his shirt messages from a documentary about the life of one of his favorite artists: John Coltrane. 

“The documentary said he became so great, not only because he was a genius, but because he nurtured his genius,” Morris said. “In order to make yourself whole, you have to nurture yourself to be the best person you could be. It’s the whole idea that you can’t help somebody if you’re not well, so it’s all about taking care of yourself so you can be a benefit to others.”

Taking care of oneself is something that the HBCU grad knows about. He is a serial entrepreneur with a background in functional medicine — a discipline that seeks to find the root cause of illness rather than just treating the symptoms. Morris says this type of medicine is just like the brand itself. Rather than chasing trends and hype, the messages of Nurtured Clothing helps wearers heal at the core. 

The brand’s latest design features a red, black, and green color palette and a circular design with all of the brand’s “nurture” phrases. Morris hopes this holistic design will be both a point of inspiration and pride. 

Shop Nurtured Clothing here.

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