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Oduwacoin: The First Pan-African Cryptocurrency

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What is OduwaCoin, the Pan-African Crypto?

It’s the first of its kind in many ways. Oduwacoin is the first pan-African cryptocurrency. It’s an alternative digital currency to paper money. Oduwacoin uses its own blockchain technology. A blockchain is an ecosystem of all currency holders’ transactions. It leverages peer-to-peer technology to settle all transactions within its network.

Oduwacoin‘s blockchain secures transaction records, controls the creation of more coins, and verifies the transfer of coin ownership. In addition, it eliminates human interference, counterfeiting, and double spending. Even further, Oduwacoin also protects against inflation.

After several years of hard work, founder Bright Enabulele had to navigate many obstacles — from getting approved to dealing with people who didn’t believe in his vision.

For Enabulele, it was all worth it. Oduwacoin was about more than launching a cryptocurrency. It was about building generational wealth. It was about creating a crypto that could strengthen the financial status of Black and African people. “We’re doing this for the culture,” Enabulele said. His mission is to uplift minority and disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Today, Oduwacoin is making a global impact. Dollar Store, a large retailer in California, announced Oduwacoin as its officially accepted cryptocurrency. You can now make purchases at the retailer using Oduwacoin.

More Than Cryptocurrency

Oduwacoin goes beyond making store purchases. As Enabulele explained, you can use it to store your wealth. Also, you can conduct transactions globally between nations without having to exchange currency. For example, someone in Ghana can send someone in Nigeria a payment without worrying about exchange fees or other government regulations. 

“For a lot of people, if they don’t have dollars or if they don’t have pounds, they can’t make payments,” Enabulele stresses. Oduwacoin breaks down these transaction barriers. “It’s the genesis of pan-African economic revolution.”

Like all cryptos, Oduwacoin increases in value as its demand increases. The more people use Oduwacoin, the more it grows in value. Let’s support this pan-African cryptocurrency!

Get Started with Oduwacoin

  1. Buy Oduwacoin.
  2. Then, download OduwaPay, the mobile wallet that stores Oduwacoins.
  3. Finally, use Oduwacoin to build wealth or conduct global transactions!

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