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On the Edge Baby Hair Makes the Perfect Tool for Laying Edges

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For centuries, Black women have set trends. Now, Black women like Rochelle Ivory, creator of On the Edge Baby Hair, are turning Black influence and ingenuity into ownership. 

“We are the creators, we are the vibe. I really wanted to make a product that made you feel that,” Ivory told WeBuyBlack.

If you’re a Black woman, you know that all toothbrushes in the bathroom aren’t for brushing teeth. There might be one, gnarly, gel-filled brush that was reserved just for one part of our hair: edges. 

Now, you can throw away your toothbrushes, and other make-shift items bought from non-Black retailers. On the Edge Baby Hair makes an innovative and highly useful hair tool that helps women create beautiful edges and other looks with ease and style. The tool is perfect for styling our hair and the best part is that it was engineered by someone with direct experience styling Black hair — rather than someone just selling Black hair tools for profit. 

“I’m a black woman who does her edges every day no matter what. I had my daughter and when I was styling her edges, I was using these same flimsy plastic brushes that just didn’t have a vibe to it,” Ivory said. “I thought, ‘what if this tool that we use every day in our community looked better, felt better, and helped us be more creative in the process?’”

On the Edge Baby Hair founder Rochelle Ivory

From there, Ivory got to work designing what she believed would be the perfect edge brush. She gave it longer, tougher bristles to be able to manage all our types of hair. The comb side has wider teeth, so we don’t snatch out delicate edge hairs when styling. The pointed end helps create flawless parts and can even help when removing braids and other extensions. And best of all, the tool is small enough to fit in your makeup bag. 

“It’s really more of a multipurpose tool than an edge brush. People take out their braids with it and I can style my whole 2-year-olds head with it.”

On the Edge Baby Hair tools are ultra functional, but also stylish. The company sells the tool in bold colors and striking designs like a bandana print, florals, and a shiny gold. 

Ivory works in healthcare IT by day, but the mother of three let her instincts and experience guide her to entrepreneurship in the beauty industry. For Ivory, the business has allowed her to not only create the tool she always needed, but also to inspire other Black women to believe in the power of their ideas. 

“At first I thought, ‘Why me? What makes me the authority on Black hair and edges?’ And then I thought ‘Why not me? I’m a black woman who styles her hair and my edges are always done.’ I’m a working woman from Compton and I literally did this on my own. I want people to know that if I did it you can do it too.”

Buy On the Edge Baby Hair tools here.

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