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OOO Polish Has Non-Toxic Hues for You

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What do you do when you go to get your nails done and can’t find the color nail polish you want? If you’re Symantha Wechie-Onyechi, you create your own. OOO Polish was created in 2016 when Symantha found that many of the nail polish colors she saw in salons didn’t complement the wide variety of skin tones women of color represent.   What makes your nail polish different from others being sold? OOO Polish is the first and only polish line created for Women of Color skin tones and undertones. Every bottle is Hand-Mixed by me meaning I created all of these colors from my mind and trial and error! It’s very similar to mixing paint for walls but 100% safer.   All of your polishes are vegan and 8-free. What does that mean? Many polish brands have toxic chemicals that cause disruption of hormones and possible cancer risks. 8-Free means my polishes have NO cancer causing or any other toxic chemicals that can harm the body. Vegan also means cruelty-free, sometimes polishes can contain animal parts or are tested on animals; none of the products I use take part in animal cruelty of any kind.   What’s the importance of buying black to you? For me, it’s not just about buying black, we also need to create, create, create! Buying black is the first step in cooperative economics but it doesn’t and shouldn’t stop here. It’s the first step in unity.   What’s next for OOO Polish? I plan on creating even more colors! My goal is to have over 100 hand-created colors! I’m also hoping to be able to reach out to more women of color to let them know I’m creating for them and they have a safe alternative to the traditional toxic beauty products available on the market.   What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? Know Thyself. I even have a collection named Know Thyself. You must know yourself and who you are not what society tells you that you should be. If you don’t know where to start, affirm to yourself daily you are light, love, and life.     You can find OOO Polish which boasts 65+ colors at https://www.ooopolish.com/ and follow them on Instagram @ooopolish]]>

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