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HomeBeauty & Fashion#HolidaySpotlight: Are You Looking for African Print Home Decor?

#HolidaySpotlight: Are You Looking for African Print Home Decor?

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Peppy Valentine, Black-owned, African print, Buy Black Movement, We Buy Black

Newest Vendor: Peppy Valentine

We Buy Black is proud to welcome one of our newest vendors: Peppy Valentine. Peppy Valentine specializes in manufacturing African print home decor items. They’re making their We Buy Black debut with their African print bed sets. After you fall in love with the company just as we did, leave a comment below and follow the links to the Peppy Valentine store on We Buy Black. Peppy Valentine, Black-owned, African print, Buy Black Movement, We Buy Black

Company History

Peppy Valentine was established in 1989 by Stephanie “Peppy” Kennedy and her daughter Whitney Kennedy. The name Peppy Valentine is a combination of Stephanie’s childhood nickname and the day that Whitney was born: Valentine’s Day. Since 1989, Stephanie Kennedy has embarked upon one successful entrepreneurial endeavor after another. Once her daughter became of age, she too joined the world of entrepreneurialism. For the past 10 years, the Kennedys have lived and thrived in Africa. In their quest to learn more about African history and culture, they developed an affinity for African print textiles. After the 2018 release of Marvel’s Black Panther, Stephanie Kennedy noticed a sudden interest in African prints across the Black diaspora. Thus, she was prompted to create a product that caters to the wants of her target audience. After brainstorming, the Kennedys decided to create African print bed sets. Peppy Valentine, Black-owned, African print, Buy Black Movement, We Buy Black

Why Bed Sets?

When asked why bed sets were Peppy Valentine’s first product, Kennedy gave an excellent response. A myriad of vendors on We Buy Black, as well as on other platforms, are selling African print clothing, shoes, and even jewelry. However, no one is selling African print bed sets. Not only does this set Peppy Valentine apart from other vendors in terms of products that they sell, but it also provides customers with an experience that they can’t get from any other company. But their bed sets are more than mere appealing designs. These sets are the epitome of quality. Each set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases which all don the beautiful Kente print that derives from Ghana. And what is the thread count you ask? There is no thread count. Peppy Valentine’s bed sets are made from 120 GSM which is some of the highest quality material on the market. With this set, you’ll be sleeping on sophistication, beauty, and style. Peppy Valentine, Black-owned, African print, Buy Black Movement, We Buy Black

The Future

Kennedy has big plans for the future of Peppy Valentine. In addition to the African print bed sets, the company will eventually offer more home decor items donning similar African-inspired prints. While providing an experience for the We Buy Black community, Kennedy also realizes that she plays an important role in building Black economics.

Peppy Valentine on WBB

For the time being, Peppy Valentine is offering African print bed sets for twin, full, queen, and king-sized beds. These African print luxury bed sets start at just $79.99. If you’re looking to bring the designs of Africa into your home, support a new Black-owned business, and contribute to the Buy Black Movement, then click here to shop Peppy Valentine on We Buy Black.]]>

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