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Plan Your 'Buy Black Weekend'

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Got big weekend plans ahead? Well, don’t head out to the movies, the mall, or the park without making a plan to keep your weekend spending as Black as your Monday through Friday tab. Here are some fun ways you can build buying Black into your weekend splurge-fest. Although you may not be able to do all these things, if you look up a new Black business to patronize each weekend, pretty soon, you’ll know your Black-owned way around town.  

Find a Black owned or operated movie theater

It may take some digging to find, but once you do, there will be no guessing what theater you relax at from then on.  

 Eat meals at Black owned restaurants or franchises

This is a no-brainer and hopefully a go-to in your arsenal of buying Black strategies. However, this time, instead of your go-to spot, try a different cuisine. Switch it up by checking out African or Caribbean restaurants in your area, and don’t forget food trucks. If your town isn’t too international  

Shop the middle of the mall and patronize Black owned kiosks

We may not yet own many large, flagship stores at your local mega-mall, but it’s likely that some of the kiosks found in the center of your local mall are rented by Black business owners.  

Get your hair cut/done and tip well

The Black hair care industry is one largely Black-owned industry that we are good at supporting regularly. Make it a habit to go see your stylist or barber and tip them well to let them know how much you appreciate their craft.  

Find a Black-owned car wash

Before just pulling into the most convenient car wash, spend a little time before you leave the house tracking down a Black-owned enterprise in your town.  

Find a Black-owned auto body shop for car repairs

You might already rely on an uncle or cousin for help with minor car trouble, but don’t forget the rest of your “family” when it comes to major repairs.  

Visit any local fairs, festivals, or block parties where Black vendors are selling

Fall is a great time to get outdoors and attend the many fairs, fests, and seasonal shindigs happening before the weather turns colder. Get your family out and make sure to patronize some of the hard-working Black vendors who are selling their wares.  

Visit your local Black museum

Given the success of the Smithsonian African American Museum (and its long waiting list) Black museums are enjoying renewed interest from all segments of the American public. Since you likely won’t be on the National Mall any time soon, swing by your local Black history museum and learn something about your local history, and if entry is free, don’t forget to make a donation.  

Patronize a local Black owned bookstore

Sadly, Black bookstores are a dying breed. Keep your local Black bookstore alive by making a visit this weekend and picking up a new read.  

Drinking? Look up a Black-owned bar

We could think of healthier things to do, but hey, if you’re gonna imbibe, at least you can buy Black while you’re at it. Just be sure to call a sober friend, or a Black-owned car service to drive you home once you’ve had your fun at that Black-owned bar. ]]>

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