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Power Tea Is Here to Protect You In Today’s New Normal

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Serial entrepreneur Nichole Mitchell knows how to pivot.

When she had to close her upscale beauty store on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, she kept getting orders and inquiries about the magical blend of tea she once sold in the shop.

“I made sure that every product I had could stand on its own, and one of the products I sold was a flat belly tea and a detox tea, she told We Buy Black.

While many of Mitchell’s former customers love the tea for its detox and slimming benefits, the blend has benefits beyond the superficial.

Power Tea is an all-natural, organic blend of botanicals that promise to promote wellness, healing, and relaxation.

The company’s signature blend, Detoxify Tea, is a tea that includes the cleansing and immune-boosting power of botanicals like lemon, lemongrass. and sage. Mitchell says that given the spread of COVID-19, she thought people should know that her teas can do more than help with weight loss — they can also help strengthen the immune system.

“I decided to rebrand the tea when COVID started, because I knew my teas could provide an enormous amount of immune support.”

The Turmeric Elixir, another offering from Power Tea, promises to help drive down inflammation in the body and even lower blood sugar. The blend is powered by turmeric, ginger, sarsaparilla, and nettle — a combo traditionally known to support joint health. Mitchell previously sold a Turmeric blend for its beauty-enhancing properties, but after learning of a Jamaican doctor who used turmeric, ginger and garlic to soothe his COVID-19 related symptoms, she pivoted and now markets her Turmeric tea for the benefits it provides inside the body.

The name “Power Tea” is inspired by not only the efficacy of the teas, but also the idea that taking control of one’s is an empowering act — one that Mitchell wants to encourage among the Black community.

“I wanted the name Power Tea to speak to my people. Not only to say we’re Black-owned, but also that we’re empowering you to take control of your health … because we believe health is wealth.”

Holistic health is not a new focus for Mitchell, who says she grew up in a “clean, green household” even before such terms were in vogue. While some of her customers like to sip and savor her delicious teas, for Mitchell, the elixirs are so good and so powerful, she doesn’t even need to drink them hot.

“If I feel a sniffle coming, I go and drink the tea. I haven’t had to turn to any supplements,” she said. “I boil water in a tea kettle, put a teaspoon of my tea in my cup, let it steep for about 5-6 minutes, then I sit, let it cool off, and drink it all in one shot.”

Buy Power Tea here: https://powertea.com/

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