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Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin Falls Ill

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Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, Black music, Black Queen, We Buy Black

The Queen Falls Ill

On August 12, one of Aretha Franklin’s close friends disclosed with the media that the Queen of Soul is fatally ill. Franklin is bedridden in her Detroit home and is surrounded by family and friends. Franklin’s family asks that her fans keep her in their prayers and that Franklin can maintain her privacy at this time.


Aretha Franklin has graced the stage as a singer for many decades. While living in Detroit, Michigan, she began performing before her father’s Baptist congregation at the age of 10. Almost instantly, she became a child prodigy. She performed in various churches around the city, state, and eventually the country. She recorded her first Gospel album at the age of 14, forever changing her life. Although many of her loyal Gospel fans were opposed to it, Franklin embraced the soulful sounds of secular music. She released her first soul album, ‘Aretha’ in 1961. Soon thereafter, she moved to Atlantic Records and recorded her famous rendition of Otis Redding’s ‘Respect,’ garnering notoriety and laying the foundation for her throne as the Queen of Soul. Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, Black music, Black Queen, We Buy Black

Doctor’s Orders

Since November 2017, Franklin has been forced to cancel several major performances, including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. After several resting periods ordered by her doctor, Franklin has finally decided to rest for at least the next two months. Her management recently relayed her disappointment to Rolling Stone magazine over her canceled performance dates on her behalf.


Last year, Franklin announced that she would be retiring from touring once she released her latest album. While 2018 was going to conclude her touring career, she planned to continue recording soulful hits. With over 44 Grammy nominations (and having won 18 of those nominations), Franklin had been eager to retire, no one expected her health to fail her so quickly, however.


Since the announcement that the Queen of Soul has fallen severely ill, her friends, including news anchor and journalist Roland Martin, have tweeted their love for Franklin. They are sending prayers and warm wishes to her and her family. As more news regarding this story develops, We Buy Black will be sure to update you. We will also continue to support and send our warmest wishes to Ms. Aretha Franklin and her family. Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, Black music, Black Queen, We Buy Black]]>

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