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Relax Your Body and Calm Your Mind with Magnesium Butter

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Body butters are great for a number of skin-related reasons, but Omax Natural’s magnesium butter has benefits for your body and mind that go beyond skin-deep. 

Omax Natural’s magnesium butter is a vegan skincare product that relieves pain, aches, migraines, insomnia, and more. First, to understand the magic of these butters, you need to know a little something about magnesium. The little-known mineral is present in every cell in the human body and there is scientific evidence that shows it can help with everything from lowering blood pressure and keeping away depression, to helping control blood sugar. 

For Maxine Willocks, owner of Omax Natural and creator of magnesium butter, magnesium is critical in her wellness practice. Willocks says she reaches for her magnesium butter before yoga practice, before going to bed after a long day, or when she has aches and pains

“Magnesium is a master mineral that relaxes your mind and your body,” she said. “You must have magnesium for the cells to have energy. Anything that is tight, crampy, irritable, or stiff is a sign of magnesium deficiency.” 

Omax Natural founder Maxine Willocks

To craft her butter, Willocks starts with high-quality magnesium derived from a seabed in Norway. Then she adds the magnesium to a blend of butters that includes; shea butter, mango butter, kokum butter, and hemp seed oil. Each type of magnesium butter is finished with a different blend of essential oils that helps to bring about the desired result. The end product is a butter that has just as many benefits for your insides as it does for your skin. 

One pro tip for those who are ready to try the butters: Willocks says rubbing the butter on the soles of your feet helps your body absorb the magnesium more fully. Also, in addition to aiding adult bodies, Willocks says her butters are also safe for use on children.  

For Willocks, her business is more than a money-making venture. Through the sales of her natural products, she hopes to show more people that healing is a beautiful journey of self-discovery that we can all do for ourselves. 

“This product is made with a specific intent. I believe that anyone can heal themselves or better their healing and this product is an introduction to that. When you take the time to put clean ingredients in your body. Your body will give you the results that you are seeking. Your healing is up to you.”

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