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Remove The Hassle & Save Thousands On Your Next Car Purchase

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On so many occasions, the sheer mention of car salesmen and car dealers elicits side-eye glances and indecisive thoughts from most Black consumers. Notoriously, this is due to an obvious lack of trust and transparency between the seller and the consumer. Now enter CarMarshal.com, the Black owned competitor of cars.com and autotrader.com. CarMarshal founder and CEO Tracey Watts states it best, “ Some websites have fees that they’ll never tell you about. Our fee is $40.”

Launched in 2013, CarMarshal.com is a convenient third-party advertiser that provides a variety of automotive choices with personalized service for each customer. With an inventory of over 100,000 new and used vehicles at dealerships across the U.S., the Dallas-based company specializes in removing the stress of haggling with car dealers and negotiating discounts beyond what the manufacturers and dealers offer. Watts adds, “Our deals are completely 100% real time; every individual might have a different deal available to them on the same car. You don’t pay us until you’re satisfied that we’ve gotten you a big enough discount.”

And if that doesn’t sound transparent enough, factor in CarMarshal’s non-commission based customer rates and refundable $40 flat fee if you don’t find a better price using their customized T.R.Us.T. tool. They also target local dealerships who are normally overlooked by some of the larger advertisers. Unlike their competitors, CarMarshal.com also contacts out-of-network dealers to come to the website and make customers an offer. “Look, we know people looking for a car have plenty of choices,” Watts continues. “Our purpose is to get the customer a car at a lower than advertised price.”

And wait, there’s more! Listing your car for sale on CarMarshal.com is a FREE service for customers who want to sell their vehicles. CarMarshal simply contacts you as a courtesy when buyers request vehicles similar to your vehicle. The company also plans to help bring the Katanka car, a black-owned brand made in Ghana, to the U.S. in the near future. So if you’re ready to get the new or used car, truck or SUV you want at the price you want with quality service & trustworthy deals, CarMarshal.com now offers a solid Black alternative.

Visit www.carmarshal.com now for more info on your superior car buying experience.

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