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Repair Your Credit and Restore Your Freedom With FLYY Credit Solutions

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Jeri Toliver’s journey to starting Flyy Credit Solutions, a credit repair and education agency, started with an unfortunate event. In 2016, desperate to repair her credit to buy her first house, Toliver found someone on Facebook and paid them $800 to repair her credit. But they didn’t repair her credit.

“He didn’t do anything,” Toliver recalls.

Since then, Toliver has helped thousands of clients – business owners, homeowners, and inmates – protect and improve their credit with e-books, one-on-one coaching, and an online credit community. She currently has 10,000 credit students on her platform. Toliver specifically remembers one of her student’s commitment to repairing her credit and sticking with the program. She raised her credit score from 500 to 700 in six months. “She was dedicated,” Toliver recalls.

Toliver’s credit education work extends beyond helping customers. She’s also active in the community and speaks at prisons and churches, helping people learn about the credit system. She helps incarcerated people protect their credit, as they are often targets of credit and identity theft. Toliver hopes to teach 50,000 people “the credit game”, as she nicely phrases it – and she’s not far from that goal.

When it comes to repairing your credit, which can be overwhelming, Toliver suggests first to start with learning what’s on your credit by obtaining all three of your free credit reports. Then, she says to object to anything you don’t agree with because that’s your right.

Millions of Americans report having poor credit. If you want to improve your credit score or simply learn how to navigate the credit system to get lower interest rates, check out FLYY Credit Solutions resources online and sign up for one-on-one-coaching.

Repair Your Credit With Flyy Credit Today!

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