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Scents 4 My Soul Promises Sweet-Smelling Relief

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Carolyn Miles promises you that she can take away your pain.

Years ago, the single mother was working as a school bus driver when she began experiencing debilitating pain in her knees, and after a corrective surgery, things went from bad to worse. So, instead of doubling down on ibuprofen or other over the counter medicines, she went back to an old formula she learned from her grandmother, growing up in Brooklyn.

“I had an operation on my knee and after a couple of weeks I was still not back to normal” Miles said. “So that’s when I sat down and made a natural pain relief oil. I mixed it, rubbed it on my knee, and within three weeks, I was running up the steps.”

Scents 4 My Soul Owner, Carolyn Miles

From that experience, her signature product, Carolyn’s Natural Pain Relief Oil was born.

Today, Miles is the owner of Scents 4 My Soul, an all-natural, family owned brand of oils, sprays, and balms that are handcrafted to soothe away pain and discomfort, calm frayed nerves, and bring a sense of equilibrium to any space. When it comes to pain relief formulas, Miles prides herself on both the efficacy of her products and their pleasant aroma.

“I believe in the therapeutic value of scents to heal the mind, body and spirit,” Miles said. “I grew up in a home where my grandmother was a healer. So you would have to go out and dig up different herbs to make arthritis paste and healing ointments. Growing up this is something we did naturally. So I watched, and we would get the ginger and the dandelions … mixing the different herbs together, I never thought that one day I would actually need to use it.”

According to Miles, Scents 4 My Soul gets rave reviews, often drawing long lines when vending at local events or exhibiting at trade shows. What gets everyone to go crazy over her products? She says it’s that her pain formulas, although all natural and holistic, work nearly immediately to stop pain.

“[There was] a gentleman on opium and he was saying thank God I found this, because his prescription was over and he didn’t know what he was going to do about the pain,” she says remembering an interaction with a new customer at a trade show.

Whatever your condition, from back pain and arthritis to sciatica, migraines and anxiety, Scents 4 My Soul has a great smelling, powerful, natural product for it. Can’t get to sleep? Spray a few pumps of Rock-A-Bye Spray on your pillow at night and as Miles says, “you’ll be out like a light.”

She also sells a naturally-derived hand sanitizing spray that is free from skin-drying alcohol and other chemicals. Just as her pain formulas were inspired by her grandmother, the ingredients in her hand sanitizing spray take a cue from the time of the Spanish flu epidemic.

“When they had the Spanish flu, coconut was a big part of healing from that flu. So our hand sanitizer has coconut, clove, orange … Shake and spray on your hands and it will coat your skin and help protect you from the virus. We use it to spray the shopping cart, the doorknobs … everything.”

Scents 4 My Soul creates all–natural, therapeutic health and wellness products that allow people to continue to live their best life. With over 2,700 customers and unanimously glowing, positive reviews, Miles and her family are on a mission to help others, make a positive uplifting impact and be a force for good health.

Scents 4 My Soul Company Website: https://www.scents4mysoul.com/

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